Heather and Mike

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How We Met

Mike and I met through a mutual makeup artist friend. I was dating someone else at the time and Mike had found me on Facebook and told our friend, “Who is this Heather girl? I have to meet her!” So, Kelly said I had to meet Mike since we were both full-time wedding photographers and she thought we would make good a ‘business connection’. So I messaged Mike and said Kelly thought we should meet. Little did I know he had more in mind than just being business buddies! The first time I met Mike was when I went to his studio. Upon arrival he tried to impress me with all of his fancy photo and video gear. I was not impressed (haha). I went home that night and thought, “This guy is NOT for me! I don’t think I can work with him.” But I continued to work with Mike and we started shooting many weddings together.

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We had an instant connection. We both loved this industry and what we did so much, it was effortless. All of our couples would say, “You two are a dream team! You either need to date or start a business!” So, we did both! It’s been the best decision both of us have ever made. Mike first kissed me at his sister’s wedding that we were both working together last summer. Shortly after, around one month to be exact, we moved in together in a beautiful apartment in downtown Milwaukee. The closer we grew together we decided it was time to drop our individual businesses and create one together. There was zero hesitation, it just felt so right. That’s when Better Together Photography was born. We have already are starting to book out into 2018 and have the most phenomenal couples. We have the most supportive clients, friends, and family cheering us on. It has been such an amazing journey. We truly have found that everything is so much better together and cannot wait for what the future holds––especially our OWN wedding day. How weird that we will be the bride and groom for once! So, simply put, photo brought us together and it is the glue that will hold us together forever. That, and our mutual love for pizza parties, movie nights, and dogs.

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how they asked

Mike had told me a few days prior that he had a couple that really wanted a row boat engagement session (knowing how much I love row boats and lake life he had me hooked). He said it was all very last minute and had to happen this week. He also asked me to dinner later that week to “throw me off the engagement sent” (LOL). The morning of the engagement day Mike told me that he had to run around and scout some good spots and find a boat still. So I stayed at the apartment for awhile until my nail appointment with my dear friend Melissa––not knowing Mike had set up the whole thing.

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So we had a ladies day date while he was running around getting the boat, flowers, champagne, the ring box, etc. What a guy! He texted me and said to dress nice because we hadn’t gotten photos together in awhile and he wanted to snap some at the lake before the session. So, I got my dress on and headed to the lake. He told me the couple would arrive in about 30 min so we had a little time for our own photos.

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He set up some tripods and we shot around the shoreline. There was a little nook by the pier that he said he wanted to do some video on. Then he told me to spin for some video footage and then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I cried. I kissed him. And obviously said, “YES!”

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But I did first say no because that’s just our playful banter!! After the tears cleared, he told me he rented the row boat for the evening and pulled out the champagne. I asked, “is there even a client coming for a session?!”

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He laughed and said, “No, babe”. We toasted, danced around the shore line, and hopped in the row boat for a little spin around the lake. The sunset was picture-perfect just like the whole evening. I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. We went to tell my parents and some of my siblings that same night. It was a great end to the day.

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