Heather and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I were setup by a mutual friend, Melissa. She suggested I go on a date with her cousin Michael. Our first date was almost 3 years ago!

how they asked

Michael and I planned a trip to see my high school friend, Brittany who is attending dental school in Arizona . After lots of research, I booked a bus trip for the three of us to the Grand Canyon. Little did I know that Michael was planning a lot also – to propose! He got in contact with Brittany and asked if it was ok. She was honored to be apart of our special moment. They secretly texted each other. Mike added her as “Kevin” in his phone to be safe! The week of the trip Brittany asked if I could bring her fancy cannon camera along because she needed it for school. I’m terrible at packing and feared I wouldn’t have room in my suitcase but agreed. Little did I know what she needed that fancy camera for! Michael and I switched a few things around in our suitcase and safely brought the camera to Arizona! Everything happened on 10/15/16! Our bus trip started at 6:45 am! Mike contacted the company in advance and let them know of his big plans for the day. Luckily I was in the ladies room when our driver tour/ guide picked us up so Mike was able to speak with him in person.

We picked up a few other people then made our way to Sedona then the Grand Canyon. Apparently poor Mike was sweating and stressing because we were squished in the back of a van. He was afraid I’d see the ring box in his pocket but I had no idea!! When we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon, we made three stops. Mike proposed at the second stop. He knows I love taking photos so he asked the tour guide to take a pic of us near the edge of the Canyon. That should have been a red flag since he never suggests taking pictures! It was really windy and I was afraid to walk over there. After some convincing, I went! We took the picture and I tried to walk away to a safer area. Mike stopped me and got down on one knee.

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I was completely shocked and surprised. Brittany and our tour guide snapped pictures of the entire experience. It was wonderful!! We had the best trip ever!! We can’t wait to get married in October 2018.

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