Heather and Matthew

How We Met

As I mentioned in our full proposal story… Matt and I met in a Young Adult Bible study group where we all became close friends. At our Halloween party, Matt dropped the “ball” (dual pun intended) when I came as Cinderella and he showed up as a ref. The next day he redeemed himself by asking me over for tea and formally began pursuing me in a relationship. And the rest was history!!!

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How They Asked

A few years ago, I joined a “young-adult small group” at church. For my first evening attending this group, there was a delay in schedule due to this mysterious “Matt” who apparently was always late. To everything. All the time. The suspense was building as we waited for “Matt.” Minutes later, the message was sent that he had arrived. I looked over at the twisting doorknob… and with zero ideas who Matt was (aside from always late) or what he looked like… This exact thought quickly crossed my mind: “I feel like my future husband is about to walk through that door.” Cue: Mr. Matthew Reed. Charming, dazzling, Bible in hand, fashionably late. I secretly called dibs. Fast forward a few weeks, and then months, Matt and I became good friends among this large group of fellow, Jesus-following young-adults. Everyone was aware of our chemistry. Everyone except Matt.

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Where to Propose in Iceland

This was evident at a group Halloween party. The rumor had spread that a certain “someone” was dressing up like Cinderella, and Matt felt the peer-pressure to show up as Prince Charming as a way to profess his feelings for me.

He showed up as a referee. 30 minutes late. Don’t worry, we ended up dating 3 weeks after that. Months went by… we traveled the country, ran marathons, dreamed big, set goals and then achieved them. Matt now began feeling the pressure to pop the question. But remember… the man apparently doesn’t like to be rushed!

Now, dating for approximately 1 year and 10 months, Cinderella was on the edge of her seat. We had a trip planned to Iceland, but since travel wasn’t out of the ordinary for us, this trip was no different than the last. Or so I thought! At the VERY last minute of our incredible, fairytale trip to Iceland… inside of a cave, beneath a waterfall…I looked down, and there he was. Ring-in-hand, fashionably late… my Prince Charming. (I told you I called dibs)

Special Thanks

Ryan Barta
 | Photographer