Heather and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I met at the University of Georgia through mutual friends. I always knew Matt was a great guy…and really cute. Hewas (is) “that guy” that everyone knows and loves. He has a huge heart, a great personality, and tons (and tons) of friends. On the first day of our senior year at UGA, Matt asked me to go wake-boarding at the lake with “some friends.” I, thinking that he was just inviting me to be friendly, naively accepted his offer. Much to my surprise, however, I soon realized that this normal lake day was actually our first date! So there we were, Matt and I, and three other couples going to Lake Hartwell for a day of wake-boarding fun–Did I mention I’ve never wake-boarded? I was terrified!! And, after realizing it was a date, I knew I had to impress him! Little did I know, he was trying just as hard to impress me.

As I struggled to stand up on the wake-board (more difficult than you think) and as Matt tried his hardest to land a 360 with a flip (neither of which went well for us), we laughed the entire day! It was the most fun, least stressful first date ever! On the way home, the girls and guys decided to split up, leaving Matt and I separated. It was strange, but in that moment, I just knew that there was something different about him.

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Later that night, when we got back to Athens, Matt walked me to my car. We said our goodbyes and I quickly, and awkwardly, got into my car. I had already decided that I would probably never hear from him again after my quick, nerve-filled departure. But, much to my relief, I got a text message from him a few hours later with a video of me wake-boarding…and falling face first into the water. Typical Heather move. The next day, Matt asked me on a “real date” and I couldn’t have been more excited. I, of course, said yes and responded in the most appropriate way . . . a pick up line. “If you were a transformer you’d be Optimus Fine!”

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It’s safe to say that I “fell” for Matt Logan that day at the lake and successfully won him over with my Transformer jokes and no holds barred ability to embarrass myself in front of him. And the rest, like they say, is history.

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how they asked

One day after work, Matt was so excited to show me the invitation he had just received inviting him to an Award Ceremony at the University of Georgia. He was being recognized as an “Outstanding Alumni” from the Engineering School and had even received a personal invitation from his favorite professor. I couldn’t have been more proud of him! He seemed very excited and a bit nervous, but I assumed it was because he would have to possibly go up on stage or give a speech. A few moments later, he asked me to be his date and, of course, I accepted! Lucky for me, Matt suggested that I wear this particular red dress with a strappy back so that I would match his UGA tie and we would be “in the spirit.” Looking back I am so glad he helped me!

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Before I knew it, the day had come and the man of my dreams was taking me back to the college town where our love story began, for his “award ceremony.” When we conveniently arrived early, he suggested that we go to North Campus and take a picture beneath the Arch (a tradition for UGA alumni). Upon arriving at the Arch, we were disappointed to find it under construction (this only happens one weekend out of every year!) We were also met by a group of high school students on their first college tour.

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After discovering that we wouldn’t be able to take our picture, Matt quickly drew my attention to a note attached to a nearby tree. He pointed to it, grabbed my hand, and led me over to the huge oak tree yielding a sign: “Athens, this is where it all began.” I remember telling Matt that it was very sweet, but that I didn’t want to intrude on someone else’s scavenger hunt. He ignored my naive remark and said, “Oh look, there’s another one!” Before I knew it, he was off to the next tree. This one read: “This is where we had our first kiss.” It was at that moment that I looked down and my eyes allowed me to follow the secret garden-like trail of sunflowers (my favorite) scattered throughout the beautiful North Campus quad. My heart has never raced so fast. Matt took my hand and led me from sign to sign, “This is where I fell in love with you . . .This is where we made so many amazing memories,” and the final sign, “Now I have one more memory to make with you . . .” After arriving at the final sign, I looked up to see a table that had our favorite picture on it and a huge bouquet of sunflowers. I think I floated to that table. Matt got down on one knee, the tour of high school students erupted in cheers, and I vividly remember the tears rushing to my eyes and thinking, this is the greatest moment of my life!! It was a fairy tale.

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After proposing (and celebrating), Matt told me that we had a dinner reservation. It was a whirlwind of happiness. We walked through the perfect streets of downtown Athens, and upon walking up the stairs to our favorite quaint little Italian restaurant, La Dolce Vita, the entire restaurant started clapping. I looked up to find both my and Matt’s entire families there to help us celebrate. This was truly the most perfect day!

Although there was no actual award ceremony, I think we both left Athens with the best prize of our lives!

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