Heather and Kory

how they asked

My Grandma was a huge part in my upbringing and life. She passed away my first year away from home during college. Kory knew how much she meant to me and wanted to involve her in every way possible in our engagement. So, while my middle brother was home from the military, Kory gathered up both of our immediate families and gathered them inside my Grandmother’s church. The church I grew up going to with her. After my Mom coaxed Kory and I into going to the church on a Sunday afternoon to pick something up for her, it happened. As Kory and I walked to the front of the church, I heard familiar voices shout out “Heather look!”. As I turned around I saw both of our families sitting in the balcony of the church. I then turned and watched Kory get on one knee and ask me to marry him! I, of course, started crying instantly. It was the perfect afternoon and my Grandma got to be a part of it.

Heather's Proposal in Bride's Late-Grandmother's church