Heather and Kevin

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How We Met

I met Kevin when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore in high school. We both played basketball, so we often crossed paths before and after practices and games. It wasn’t long before we struck up a friendship and began hanging out with mutual friends. Kevin has the type of personality that you are instantly drawn to. Whether it is his contagious laugh or the way he speaks to you like you are the only person in the room, so I immediately felt a connection to him. Time passed and we began seeing each other more and more frequently. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school, however, that things got real. Our friendship turned into flirtation and it was evident that we weren’t going to keep each other in the friend zone for too long. But here’s the thing: neither of us would make a move! It took a freak car accident in the high school parking lot to push us over the edge. I was playing right field in a softball game and Kev was leaving practice. Obviously, being the focused athlete that I was, I watched closely as his car left the baseball field. He pulled around the corner and at that moment got into an accident with another car. And THIS was the moment Kevin and my dad first met. It was also the moment my softball coach asked if we were dating. And the moment I realized we should be.

After a first date to mini golf and a romantic viewing of “Dude Where’s My Car?,” four proms, two homecomings, a year of visits to Quinnipiac University where Kev went off to college to play baseball, commutes from QU to Boston College where I went to school the following year, a few college transfers (that’s a story for another time!), endless college baseball games, three years of law school for him, two years of grad school for me, and TEN YEARS LATER, here we are!

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how they asked

Let me preface this story by telling you two key pieces of information that will make the proposal moment a little more understandable (remember these, they’re important!):

  1. Kevin and I had recently begun keeping track of a new thing we do each week. We have an ongoing list of things we want to do and have done, and check them off as we go.
  2. Whenever anyone asks when we are getting married, Kev responds with “ten years from now,” which he thinks is wildly hilarious.

So! Kevin and I are from the same quaint hometown that has “New England in the Fall” written all over it. We now live in Boston and I had been complaining that we had so many busy weekends in September and October that we weren’t able to enjoy the best of fall at home. So, we picked a day (October 21st), when we finally had a free weekend to go home and enjoy it. Kevin and I planned to go to three local vineyards on Saturday afternoon. Little did I know, he saw this day as the perfect opportunity to pop the big question!

It started as a completely normal day at home. We got up and stopped at our favorite local coffee shop, Java, first. From there, we decided we would beat the crowd at the Cider Mill in town and headed there for cider donuts because nothing feels more at home than a trip to Clyde’s. After that, we planned to hit the vineyards in the afternoon. We scheduled a tasting at Saltwater Farm first and from there, I had thought we planned to go to two others. However, Kev had a different plan. We parked the car, were asked if we had ever been there before, and headed up to the tasting room. We enjoyed our four different wines while swooning over the rehearsal taking place outside, and then laughing at the bachelorette parties goofing around in the vines. Everyone was so friendly, and I even remarked to Kevin how nice everyone was being today. Little did I know, they were all in on his big secret.

After the tasting, we wandered outside to “take cute fall pictures in the vines.” Kevin led me to a particular row, which I noticed had a picnic set up a ways down. I looked at him and told him we needed to turn around because someone else’s picnic was set up. He kept insisting that we continue walking. As we got closer, I noticed a sign that read, “Get Engaged: CHECK.” That’s when I knew. I immediately yelled, “oh my god!” and turned around to see Kevin reaching for the ring box he had cleverly hidden in his sock.

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He looked at me and said, “I couldn’t wait ten years,” and got down on one knee. After that we shared a glass of wine, from our customized bottle, in our engraved glasses, in front of our adorable light box that read, “Will you marry me?” It. Was. Perfect.

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I called my mom, of course, and she agreed to meet us at a local restaurant, The Velvet Vine, for a drink. When we walked in, I was surprised to see our family and friends there to greet us. Cue the tears. We spent the entire afternoon celebrating with the people we loved the most. Later, we had an amazing dinner at the Ocean House, in Watch Hill, RI where a couple who has been married for 30 years bought our round of drinks and left us with this advice for a happy marriage : “keep an open mind and go with the flow.” And that’s exactly what we plan to do.

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Special Thanks

Jaci Donahue
 | Photographer