Heather and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met about three years ago through a mutual friend. Neither of us were looking to be in a relationship at the time, we were good friends for about a year and then finally started dating!

how they asked

Justin told me to get read for dinner and to get dressed up. He is a videographer for a company and he told me he needed to stop by a park to take pictures for a work project. So he picked me up and we left my house at 6:30. We drove around to a few different parks (he knew where he was going but wanted to make me think he didn’t. When we got to the last one we got out and he said he was going to leave his camera in the car because he wanted to see where to take photos first. We walked around for a while and when I went to turn around he took my hand, turned me back around and got down on one knee!!

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I had no idea until I heard the camera click and saw him getting down on one knee what was happening!

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Special Thanks

Zach Stovall
 | Photographer