Heather and Jude

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How we met

Jude and I grew up about five miles from each other in Daphne, AL. We had tons of mutual friends growing up, but never knew the other existed. The summer after my freshman year at Auburn University I came home to find a summer job. I put in applications at various restaurants and retail stores and ended up at American Eagle. One day while redesigning the front store window display, my store manager rushes over to me to say that she has found my future boyfriend and his name is Jude (sexy, right?). His cousin worked with us and he had come in to say ‘hello.’ Thank goodness for that store manager because next thing I know: Jude has a part time job at American Eagle too and I’m being scheduled to work nearly every shift with this really handsome, older guy.

While assigned an overnight shift for inventory one summer night in 2008, Jude and I awkwardly strike up our first official conversation. I can talk to a brick wall, but let’s just say Jude Galle is a little more reserved. It was like pulling teeth to find out any information, but we eventually discover that we’ll both be in Auburn for school that fall, he is transferring from Ole Miss, and that we’ve both just signed for a new apartment off-campus… The exact same one! Weird.

We spent the whole summer together, went to The Dark Knight as our first date and took things very slow. When we arrived back to school in August our apartment windows were literally across the street from one another, bottom floor. Again, what were the odds?! He couldn’t get rid of me. Oh, and did I mention I grew up on Penny Lane? The first gift I ever gave him was obviously Beatles themed.

Fast-forward seven years, more than half of those being long distance from the South of France and New York City, and we have a proposal (!!!). I had been living in Manhattan for the past four and decided it was time to be closer to my family on the Gulf Coast for a while, plus Jude’s job had moved him back that way too. Jude and I had been talking about marriage for some time now, but as a young woman who’s been pining over her wedding day for what feels like a million years and working in the bridal industry, I just didn’t know how we would make this wedding thing work. Weddings are expensive and so is NYC. At Thanksgiving, I decided to sublet my apartment in the city, quit my job, and go spend some time back home. We had also had enough of this long distance business. It wasn’t long after I arrived back in Alabama that Jude said he had a relaxing weekend planned for us and to pack my bags for the beach…

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how they asked:

We spent that December weekend at a beautiful resort on Pensacola Beach. He and I took long walks by the water and ordered tons of room service. It crossed my mind that he might have a very important question for me, but since it didn’t happen Friday, or by Saturday night, and we genuinely needed some R&R, I figured it would be after the new year. Can’t say I wasn’t disappointed, but it had been a busy month and I knew this proposal would be worth the wait. On Sunday morning, right before we were to suppose to check out, Jude said “let’s walk down to the beach one more time before hitting the road.” In my sweats and no makeup, we walked down to a quiet section by the water and just as it started to rain, in the most romantic way, he got down on one knee and begged me to be his wife. Okay, he asked really sweetly (and nervously as if I might say “no” after all this time). He totally surprised me and pulled out the prettiest Anna Sheffield two-toned engagement ring ever.

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As we excitedly celebrated our engagement together on that secluded beach, or so we thought, Jude and I quickly hear cheering and clapping from the condo directly behind us. I look at him and silently think to myself, “Would he have invited all of our friends and family down here? Maybe….” Then as I turn to wave at our admirers, we look to our right and see another couple who’s just gotten engaged at the exact same time! It was totally random and comical. We waved, exchanged congratulations, took a few pictures in our sweats and made our way back to the hotel. It was the perfect day. Just the two of us. I can’t wait to marry the man that completely completes me. #Galle4thelongHall coming to you November 2015.

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