Heather and Jon

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How We Met

Heather and I both started off as wedding photographers. We ended up meeting through my two best friends who were planning a wedding. Since I was going to be the best man at their wedding, they couldn’t have me also be the photographer, so they hired Heather.

In January of 2010, I had a booth at a wedding show in Toronto where my friend was helping me out (the bride to be). Heather was attending the same show with her friend and came over to my booth to say hi to her client (my friend). They chatted for a while, and completely brushed me aside during conversation. To my surprise she added me to Facebook within a few days and started posting on my status updated.

It really wasn’t until a month later where Heather invited me out to an industry get-together for photographers that we really started to connect. Heather says it was the easiest way for her to chat with me more without having to ask me out on a date. We talked for most of the night, and both felt a connection. Fast forward a couple weeks and I was away in Mexico for a wedding. We stayed up late every night chatting online – and by the end of the week I had asked her out on a date for when I got back.

Ever since then we have worked together and traveled around the world. It’s been over 6 years and it’s definitely time to get married.

how they asked

I was a full time photographer for 6 years before making the switch to video 3 years ago. Which means I make engagement and wedding videos for couples all the time but it’s not everyday you get to film your own proposal video. I have a cottage up in Muskoka and we go up there any chance we get. A short boat ride away is a few sets of rapids which make a perfect backdrop for the proposal. The plan was to go on a fall hike, a hike which we have done before so there was nothing out of the ordinary. I bring my photo and video gear with me all the time, so having it along with me for the hike wasn’t anything different. She is a photographer herself, so she is very used to it. Little did she know, I had also wired myself with a hidden microphone to capture what was said.

I had a little spot in mind where the rocky ground juts out into the water, just on the other side of the second set of rapids. I knew it would be private, and a good place to set up my cameras. At first I set up the one camera to take time-lapses. When that was done I left the camera recording and took out the drone to fly as I’ve done so many times before at the cottage. I made sure we were in the right spot and let it hover in place. That’s when I took my knee and asked her to marry me.

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After it all happened we continued the hike where I was able to get a few photos and additional video clips to make it a complete package.

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Our Video

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