Heather and Jesse

How We Met

After personal struggles with relationships and the Portland dating scene, in January 2016 I reluctantly joined OKCupid for one last time to give it a go. I was just starting my second year of graduate school and wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend more time going on frivolous dates. That’s when Jesse slid into my messages with a joke and while I was interested, at first I thought he lived too far out in the city to make a date happen- but we both gave it a go and met up for drinks at Ex Novo Brewing in Portland. That night kick started hours of conversation that lead from drinks to dinner to numerous dates, live music,beer festivals, snow shoe adventures and more. We met each other’s families and joined two single lives into one. Jesse won me over with his compassion, his humor and his great joy for life. Our online dating adventure ended with great success!ended with great success! Jesse stood by my side through graduate school, selling a condo, buying a home together, getting a puppy together and really blending our lives.

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how they asked

In August 2017, we had a dinner evening set up with Jesse’s sister. He had planned that we would go to Portland for dinner, and I was trying hard to change his mind on location- he wanted to meet up at Ex Novo and I had suggested other places we had yet to try- though Jesse was not having it. We kick started that morning at a birthday party for my friend’s sons, turning 1 and 4 and then I headed home to nap while Jesse was acting all sorts of strange and pacing our condo. He woke me up for dinner and then was worried we’d be late -I’m never late for anything, so I couldn’t figure out what the rush was for.

We got to dinner location and they seated us upstairs, which I thought was weird considering it was 100+ degrees outside and this brewery does not have air conditioning, so we started chatting about dinner while we waited for Jesse’s sister to show up for the meal. I’m a beer fan, but this evening I decided due to the heat that I was going to order whiskey- Jesse kept pushing me towards the beer menu which I thought was weird and annoying, like I just wanted some whiskey.

He started to get all sentimental about the past 7 months and how much he loved me, and how he couldn’t believe we had been on our first date just 7 months ago at this same brewery, he shared how great out time together has been and I remember saying “Are you proposing to me or something?!” and he said “YES! Will you just look at the beer menu!!!”- there on the menu was the question “Heather Chasing Adams, 100% yes, will she do it?!”. We both burst into tears and Jesse got down on one knee to ask me to spend out lives together. Of course I said yes!

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Jesse was so sneaky and had arranged menu printing with the owner of the brewery and had organized a photographer and surprise friend/family engagement party! I had no idea any of this was happening, and was completely caught off guard, which was incredible because I’m the hardest person to surprise. Jess is amazing. All while this was happening, there was a strange guy snapping pics of us- which turned out to be Jesse’s friend as a set up to capture the moment. John was able to grab every emotion of the proposal and sent us photos later for keepsake. After the proposal, Jesse had arranged for our family and friends to show up at the brewery for an immediate engagement party- the night was a whirlwind of emotion and amazing memories. I feel like I’ve found my person, and he is so amazing. After a year and a half together, we’re walking down the aisle next Saturday (October 7, 2017) sharing the event with our friends and family, and Ex Novo Beer at the bar.

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Special Thanks

John Irvine
 | Photographer
Ex Novo Brewing
 | Location of engagement, menu printing