Heather and Jesse

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Disney is in my blood for as long as I know. My parents always brought me as a kid and we live everything disny. So when I graduated college of course my parents wanted to bring me as my present. My first thought was I had to bring my boyfriend who I wanted to share my favorite place in the world and a place that had the most memories. This was going to be our first real vacation as a couple in the 3 years we had been dating.

When my parents told me our life long friends (who live in florida) were going to be there with us that sat I was over the moon. We havent all been together on a trip in years the memories we would have and to include my boyfriend was even better.

We had the plan to all take photos in front of the castle before going on rides I was so excited to capture a famous photo with him. After all 8 photos of the other couples me and my boyfriend were finally last. I was so excited and as someine who loves photos was posing away. All the time not noticing that everyone in our party was taking photos or the fact that my boyfriend was reaching in his pocket to get the ring.

When he let go of me and turned to towards me while getting down on one knee i lost it. I was in complete shock and didnt believe it until I saw the beautiful ring in the box and him saying to me “Heather I love you more then you know and I want to spend the rest of my life with you… Will you marry me”. Of course i said yes!! Not only do I love this man for showing me what true love can be. But being one of the last true gentlemen and best friend I could ever had.

After all of the tears and hugs from my family and friends we had the best day and even better week at my favorite place on earth. I will never forget that as long as I live. Talking about when he bought the ring 6 months before, to asking my fathers hand in marriage. From being nervous I would find it and all the times I bugged him people were getting married and he was trying not to do it sooner. I couldn’t ask for a better way for this love story to begin. And of course we will have Disney in our wedding!

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Special Thanks

Susan Chicarello
 | Photographer