Heather and Jake

Image 1 of Heather and Jake

How We Met

Jake and I met in 2009 through mutual friends on facebook while I was living in Utah and he was living in coastal Los Angeles. He and I both were active in the same cause and would often chat with each other about it. Eventually, all we were doing is finding excuses to chat with each other and would spend hours online together. We were friends like this for two years (he and I were both dating other people at the time). In 2011, we found ourselves both single, and I was moving out to California to try applying to graduate schools for Clinical Psychology. Since I was in the area, he invited me to hang out with him for the weekend. I was secretly in love with him and couldn’t wait to meet him. When I showed up to his house and he came out to greet me, I knew then that I had to be with him! That weekend turned into 4 years – I moved in with him on the spot! Sometimes you just know!

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how they asked

Jake surprised me one Saturday morning in May with a trip to Paris and London – we left that very afternoon! During this trip, he bought me two Chanel bags, took me on a hot air balloon ride over the French countryside, and, of course, proposed!

On May 12th, he took me to Versailles and we spent the day there. We were a little late getting back to Paris for our “dinner reservations” and rushed to get ready at our apartment (with Eiffel tower views).

As we were walking to our reservation, he took us through a park because it was a “shortcut”. I followed him to a quiet, private area where he slowed down a little and pointed towards a romantic picnic. “Aww, look at this!” he said as he gestured towards it. As we slowly walked towards it, I noticed it was empty. That’s when it hit me – this was OUR romantic picnic!

I immediately started tearing up and began taking photos. Jake was laughing at me and told me to put my phone away. When I finally did, he pulled out a box of Laduree macarons…and in the center of the macarons was a ring box! He pulled out the ring box and got down on one knee, thanking me for being with him for the past 4 years and that he hoped I had learned as much from him as he had learned from me. He also said a lot of amazingly, incredibly sweet things that I honestly don’t remember because of the “proposal haze”, but I said yes (through laughter and tears) under the Eiffel tower!

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