Heather and Grant

How we met: Grant has a younger brother who became friends with my twin brother in college. Both of our siblings thought that Grant and I would make a great match, but it wasn’t until we had both finished college ourselves that we were both in the same city at the same time. Once we did start dating we knew very quickly that we had something special!

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how they asked: I knew in advance that Grant had been planning a special date night to take me to on a carriage ride to see the nearby christmas lights and to a nice dinner (we had a gift certificate), but I had no idea how special of a night it was to become!

About halfway through the carriage ride, I saw a photographer hiding behind a telephone pole snapping pictures and I remember thinking “aww, I bet someone is getting engaged!” Even when I saw the “Will You Marry Me” Christmas light display, I thought it was for someone elses proposal! It took me a few second to realize that it was infact MY proposal! Before I knew it Grant was on one knee!

When we arrived at Al Beirnat’s (a Dallas steakhouse) for dinner, the maitre d seated us at a table for two, but then mumbled something about having another better table that opened up in the back and quickly had us stand back up and follow him. He then escorted us to a private room in the restaurant where both our families were waiting to celebrate!

Grant went above and beyond making our proposal perfect, and the entire night was a fairytale. I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

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Photographer:  Allison Davis Photography  // Light Display:  A very special day