Heather and Eric

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How We Met

Eric and I both attended the University of Michigan and we met at the most quintessential Michigan bar – Scorekeepers Bar and Grill (aka “Skeeps”). One of my sorority sisters introduced us and we ended up chatting early in the night. I thought he was cute and made sure my friend and I made our way back to him. He bought me a rum and diet coke at the bar, I hinted that I wanted to dance, and we spent the night dancing away! That night he escorted me home in a cab to make sure I got home safely. We exchanged numbers and we’ve been inseparable for the past 5 years!

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how they asked

Eric and I planned to spend the weekend in Southampton at my family’s beach house, my personal “happy place”. We wanted a weekend away just the two of us before the start of the summer season. Saturday morning after brunch, we made our way to my favorite beach for an afternoon stroll by the ocean. We were reminiscing over our favorite beach memories together when he pointed out something in the distance. It was foggy out and all I could see was bright orange and red. As we got closer I saw it was a table. Eric wanted to check it out and I told him not to disturb someone else’s stuff. As we got closer I saw a red carpet lined with rocks and seashells, leading up to a table that held a bouquet of roses along with my favorite champagne!

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I didn’t realize the set-up was for me until Eric turned around and started to tell me how much he loved me. I stood shocked as he dropped to his knee and proposed.

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I immediately said yes and as he spun me around he shouted “She said yes!” and all of our family ran out from behind the dunes cheering to surprise me. His family all flew in from Maryland, along with my sister from school at Syracuse. We celebrated with champagne on the beach before heading to my favorite vineyard – Wölffer’s Estate where we celebrated with rosé in a gazebo overlooking the vineyards!

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