Heather and Eric

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Roosevelt Island - Washington, DC

How We Met

Eric and I met in June of 2017…. through Bumble. I had gone through 2 fairly dramatic break ups in the previous year & was exhausted by dating. One of my best friends (and one of my bridesmaids) refused to let me sit around an mope & insisted I give online dating a try!

I went on a few really horrible dates & was in no mood to try again when Eric came around. When I began chatting with Eric, I was still not sold on the idea of Bumble & wasn’t yet convinced I would ever meet up with him.

One of the first text chats I have with Eric was him while I was attending a work related dinner in North Carolina. As a fundraiser for right-of-Center Think Tanks, I’m very use to people outside of my work world having no idea what I am talking about, or recognizing the names of the people who are considered “Rock Stars” in my world. During this conversation, I brought up Nigel Farage (he was the key note speaker for this event) and made a nerdy joke about Austrian Economist Fredrick Hayek (the sort that would KILL in Think Tank crowds but elicit black stares from “normal” people). I fully expected him to have no clue what I was talking about. Instead, he began chatting about a speech Farage had given to Parliament on Brexit & the impact Hayek has had on economic policy. I realized he may be my sort of weird.

I tried to cancel our first date — but thankfully a friend forced me to go. It was supposed to just be a quick drink. Instead — it turned into an 8 hour ordeal & only ended when we were told the bar was closing — it was 2 am… on a Tuesday. It was the best date I had ever been on. I think I knew then that this was likely something special.

Over the year and half that have followed, we have gone from strangers to partners. We are very different. I like plans and structure (maybe a bit to much, sometimes) and Eric is a “go with the flow” type. I was an only child until I was a freshman in High school; Eric is the oldest of 4. His strengths are my weakness; my strengths are his weakness. Because of these things — we bring out the best in each other & challenge each other daily.

The guy who I was not keen on going on a date with bc I met on a dating app (and I thought that was weird) became my best friend and the love of my life & now, I cannot imagine life without him.

Heather and Eric's Engagement in Roosevelt Island - Washington, DC

How They Asked

In early 2019, our schedules were incredibly busy, between work commitments, graduate school and normal life. I’d had been complaining for weeks that we never had time to spend together, alone, anymore & that there did not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Eric had classes at UVA the entire weekend of March 9 & I was convinced yet another weekend would go by without 1) us getting engaged and 2) the ability to spend any time together.

A number of Eric’s graduate school friends were going out for someone’s birthday & Eric asked if I’d like to join, so we would have a bit of time together. Since he did not have his car with him, he told me to meet him at his hotel at 4 pm & we would go from there. When I arrived, a few minutes late, I noticed Eric was a bit more antsy & annoyed at my tardiness than usually. He told me he wanted to go walk around a bit to stretch his legs & get some fresh air after sitting in classes all day. It wasn’t too terribly cold outside, so I was game!

We drove out to Roosevelt Island just outside of Washington, DC, a easy walking path overlooking Georgetown. I’ve always loved this area, as it is much quieter than most places in DC & brings me a sense of peace. We walked out towards the statue of Teddy Roosevelt & Eric just stopped. He kept pacing and moving form one side of the monument to the other — and requesting that I come too! Since it was a bit chilly & the sun was being to set, I was becoming a bit annoyed & wanted to start heading back.

Eric launched into a speech about much he loved me & how wonderful he felt our life together had become. Finally, he dropped to one knee, pulled a beautiful ring out of his pocket & asked to marry him. It was all so surreal & I could not believe it was FINALLY happening. I don’t think he has even gotten the words out of his mouth before I screamed “OMG! YES”

Eric then pointed towards the bushes, and let me know that our friend & photographer, Seana, has been hiding & had captured the entire thing on film. This was why he kept moving form one side of the monument to the other — he couldn’t figure out what bush she was in & the two had basically been playing “Marco Polo” via text. I’m so thankful he thought to ask her to come capture our special moment. These photos are something I will cherish forever.

It was the perfect evening. I’ve always loved this little escape from the fast paced nature of DC, and now Roosevelt Island holds an even bigger place in my heart.

I am so very glad I swiped right. :)


Special Thanks

Seana Shuchart
 | Photographer