Heather and Drew

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How We Met: Drew and I have known each other for over 10 years now! We met during our sophomore year at college, through mutual friends. We occasionally spent time together and, now, looking back both say that we “liked” the other. He did accompany me to one of my sorority formals but we were just friends at the time and more or less lost touch after graduation. It wasn’t until January 2009 when Drew was living in Southern IL, and I in Chicago, that we reconnected. He came to Chicago to visit some friends and we met out for dinner. Over the next 6 months he came to Chicago about once a month to visit his friends and we started spending more and more time together during each visit. On a weekend that July, we met in a town half way between us with some friends (total trip was about 6 hours by car/train), we decided to officially begin dating, thus beginning our long distance adventure! Over the next year and a half we would become very familiar with Amtrak, traveling on the weekends, and talking on the phone (I’m not a phone talker by nature, but a long distance love changed that!) About that time we decided that this relationship was for keeps and the first step in moving forward in a life together was to live in the same city. After finding a job in the city, Drew was able to move to Chicago about one year ago today. And then……

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how they asked: Already feeling so happy with the simple things we could now do, like having dinner together every day, or going to the gym after work together, we were more in love then ever and both new we were ready for marriage! Even though I knew a proposal would likely happen soon, I didn’t have any idea when or where.

One random Tuesday night in June after we’d finished dinner, Drew suggested that we go downtown for ice cream and to see Buckingham Fountain (neither had been there for a years). I was wondering if he was up to something, considering we never really go downtown during the week nights, but obviously went along J We got ice cream and went to the fountain which lights up at night in the summer to music. After eating our ice cream, walking around and soaking up the summer night for a while, my suspicions about his plans for the night were fading. There was a moment that we were hugging in front of the fountain and he said “I have a question for you”. I looked up and then looked down and he was holding a beautiful ring! He asked, “Will you marry me?” and I said, “Yes, of course” and we were just kissing and smiling and looking at the ring for the next several moments.

I still to this day don’t know how he got the ring out of a bag he was carrying, while we were hugging without me noticing! He had brought a camera so we grabbed someone to take several pictures of us – the night and moment really were picture perfect with all of the lights and cityscape in the backdrop. We got married in November and feel very blessed to be able to experience the gift of marriage!

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Photos by Chicago Wedding Photographers: Gerber + Scarpelli