Heather and David


how we met

David and I met on my 30th birthday in Nashville, TN. He was there for work for one night. He literally went to one bar … Tootsie’s! My cousin and I just happened to be there when he was there. We talked, danced, and I never thought I would see him again. I knew it was something about him and I couldn’t just end our connection at a bar in Nashville. He gave me his number that night so I messaged him, I had to make sure he made it back to Arizona safe … yes Arizona! He lives in Arizona and I live in North Carolina. I was scared to continue talking to him for obvious reasons and I tried distancing myself but he wasn’t having it.

He made sure I knew that the distance was not going to keep us apart and that he knew we could make it work. It was hard to let my walls down but I did. After several months of staying in touch we realized that there was something really special between us and we had to see each other again. One weekend together was all it took and we both knew we had found our other half. We continued dating for several months and visiting each other every couple weeks. It was so clear everytime we were together and even more so when we were apart that this was it and that we had found true love.


how they asked

Heather is from North Carolina. David is from Arizona. They originally met here in Nashville. It was only fitting that this is where they reconvened for a long weekend getaway. David planned on taking Heather to Arrington Vineyards for a nice Autumn afternoon wine tasting and romantic picnic. Or so Heather thought. I was waiting, unbeknownst to her, to photograph a very creative and romantic marriage proposal at the Vineyard. It was a resounding yes as bystanders cheered them on. It was truly a magical moment filled with love and excitement.

Special Thanks

Jay Farrell Photography
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Arrington Vineyards
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