Heather and David

how we met

I knew it was fate from the beginning because neither of us should have been there. David was stationed at Fort Carson and wanted to exit the military, his initial obligation was up but something told him he should stay a little longer. So he attended Captains Career Course and PCSd to Fort Bragg. I was also to be stationed at Fort Bragg but had orders to go to a different unit and was diverted last minute. I was incredible disappointed because that unit was a cool unit with a great reputation and instead I was in a unit that was the red headed stepchild of the Division. I was pretty disappointed and was praying like “God why? We had this plan? I was going to this cool unit, it would have been great! Why am I here?” And I started seeing “189” (the number of the unit) EVERYWHERE! It would be in addresses I had to go to, phone numbers I had to call, I pulled that ticket at the pharmacy,…so I knew I must be there for a reason. I settled into my new position on staff and about ten days later, in walks David to inprocess the unit. I gathered all his paperwork and arrived him in the system. All the staff officers were pretty close, wed go to lunches together and of course be stuck in mandatory meetings. But everyone else had a history, they’d been there quite some time and participated in exercises and had inside jokes we weren’t a part of, so we naturally gravitated toward each other because we were the new kids. David became my best friend. Our friendly work lunches turned into dinners and there came a point where I just knew I never wanted to not be with him.

how they asked

I almost ruined his proposal. My daughter and I had a sleepover at an aquarium for Girl Scouts out in Wilmington. We decided to make a whole weekend of it. So he got a hotel while we stayed at the aquarium and then we’d all stay together at the hotel the next night. So he picked us up from the aquarium and since we had free admission we wanted to show him all the cool things, and of course my favorite spot, the gift shop. So we’d spent quite some time and we’re ready to go. On the way back he suggested we stop at the beach to walk around and feel the sand. Lydia begged one agreement. But I was like “eh. The beach wasn’t really in our plans and I’m hungry, let’s just head to town”. The aquariums breakfast was very light so I really had no interest in delaying lunch but thank goodness Lydia protested and I caved. The scenery was very pretty actually because it looked like a storm was coming. (He originally planned to propose at the botanical garden but it was supposed to rain for the rest of the weekend. All day every day) so we stopped at the beach and are walking along and I am always taking pictures so Lydia offered to take a picture of the two of us first. While she’s holding the camera he got down on one knee but he had been faking me out for a month already, very ceremoniously bending down to tie his shoe or he’d dropped something so now was not the time for games-were trying to take a picture and I’m hungry so I was like “stop playing around, get up” and like yanked him by the arm. But when I looked down he’s holding a little handmade wooden box and I stopped stunned. He starts telling me all these wonderful things and opened the box and it was the most gorgeous ring and he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! After that he went up to Lydia and got on one knee and pulled out a box with a beautiful heart necklace and asked if he could be her dad. We were all crying it was wonderful.

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