Heather and Daniel

How We Met

Dan and I went to the same middle school, high school, and college. We became friends at the end of our high school years and throughout college. Not until after we were done with college did we realize that we were meant to be- despite everyone telling us that we are!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Home

How They Asked

My fiance and I were supposed to get a new puppy on a Sunday. I threw a wrench in his plans when I begged him to pick it up Friday night. He caved and we picked her up. He dropped me and the new puppy off at home and said he had to run an errand. He went to my parents’ house to ask for permission, stopped to grab dinner and came home. I was so hungry that I was scarfing up my food and didn’t notice that he was behind me holding the puppy up to me, while down on one knee. When I finally looked behind me I noticed the ring on her collar.

Heather's Proposal in Home