Heather and Dakari

How We Met

When God brings two people together, there is nothing, no one, no force, that can separate the two. That’s exactly what happened to us. We both knew immediately there was something special and different about each other. Neither one of us were looking for a relationship and were in the middle of a spiritual growth spurt. That’s usually when what you need falls right into your lap. We both love Jehovah God very much. Our conversation and understanding in that aspect helped us to establish a great friendship. Our very first phone conversation was 8 hours long, our very first date was also amazing. The “geek” in us drew us to the Louisiana Arts & Science Museum (LASM) for our first date. He’s an RN and I’m an elementary school teacher so this was something we’d both enjoy. We walked the corridors of the museum, staring at all the artifacts and catching a glimpse of each other when we could trying not to stare, watched a movie in the Planetarium Theatre, walked along the levee hand in hand, and watched the ferries roll by on the “Muddy Mississippi”. There were so many amazing moments on this date. Just for an example, we were staring at the constellations in the Planetarium and one of my 4th grade students ran up to me and hugged me yelling, “Ms. Holliday! What are you doing here?!” I always get a kick out of seeing my students outside of school. Her mother said, “Oh so YOU’RE Ms. Holliday that I’m ALWAYS hearing about. Hannah loves you to death.” I just blushed and told her mom how much I enjoyed teaching her daughter. Dakari came up behind me and paid me a sweet compliment and said, “Yeah, she is pretty amazing.” By this time my cheeks were blushing rose and my smile was frozen. We ended with dinner at an Italian restaurant which is both one of our favorite types of food. It wasn’t a “let’s go dutch”, “you got the check right?” or “how much is that?” type of yucky ordeal that I’d previously dealt with. But Dakari was so polite, sweet, and the ULTIMATE gentleman.

Image 1 of Heather and Dakari

Sometimes when you know what’s good for you, you reject it anyway because of it being SO different. It’s a shock to the system! We had our moment where things went array. (Crazy right? After that amazing date and many more after that.) We’d been thru a lot together and definitely had an established solid friendship. However, I couldn’t just date him without a sealed commitment. I prayed on it, expressed to Jehovah how I truly felt about Dakari, and if he really loved me, he would come and make things official.

On November 9th, 2014 about 5 months after the first date and a few months where we did not even communicate, Dakari expressed a serious need to see me and talk to me. I didn’t want to, but I obliged ONLY if he’d make it worth my time. And boy did he! He laid all the cards out and asked me to be his lady. I couldn’t have been more happy! Not only because he did all of this but because I knew it was right because Jehovah blessed it and answered my prayers EXACTLY! From that point on we were inseparable. He became my real life teddy bear that I could love on forever. And I became his little “squirrel” as he calls me because of my size and height in comparison to his. LOL. Never a dull moment, everything we could have asked for in a mate like loyalty, honesty, and LOVE. We knew we would marry each other. We have seen Jehovah’s hand in our relationship from the very beginning. It has been nothing short of amazing to experience. Any close friend or family member of ours can attest to this from the many stories and happenings we’ve dealt with. We both are very thankful to Jehovah for each other and the opportunity to build ourselves up emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as a married couple. This has been an amazing year and a half into FOREVER. We can’t wait to share our special day with those who truly love us.

Image 2 of Heather and Dakari

how they asked

After a long day in the ministry, I came home to relax, when about 2:00 I heard a knock at the door and surprise my best friend was standing there lookin very dapper in the Ralph Lauren sweater I’d just bought him. I’m wondering hmmmm… a pop up visit eh? I’d been missing him and he was going to surprise me the weekend before, but something came up. I just figured he was making up for lost time. He tells me he’s here to take me out. I’m thinking ok cool. My mother is working outside like nothing is going on. I get dressed and we head out.

We started off driving on the interstate and I honestly had no clue where we were going. He wouldn’t let me see the GPS. We were talking and laughing like always and he ended up making a wrong turn. But we ended up in Downtown Baton Rouge at the location of our first date, the LASM or Louisiana Arts & Science Museum and Planetarium. We walked the same paths, the same halls, watched the same movies about the universe and space, sat in the same seats, and viewed the same art. I still was not really realizing what was happening but I had a clue. As he kept asking me did this bring back memories. After that, we went to our first restaurant together. We ate and talked about our date so far. But I’m noticing his sweaty palms and NERVOUSNESS. I’m wondering, “babe are you okay?” Voice shaking, eyes leary, he says, “yes Heather, I’m fine.” Dakari is ALWAYS cool as a cucumber. I mean, he’s a nurse in the ER. He has nerves of steel! Then I began to get a little nervous but I just continued to eat my scampi like nothing was wrong. Then we got in the truck and he said we have one more stop and I asked where. He told me we were going back where started at.

Image 3 of Heather and Dakari

We went back downtown and we get out of the truck but he tells me to walk up the sidewalk and he was coming. Now it’s dark, not late, but dark, so I walked a little ways and stopped, turned around, and we locked eyes just as he was closing the back truck door. I just assumed he was covering my purse since I left it on the floor board. We proceeded to walk towards the Mississippi River levee. By this time he is breathing so heavily and I tell him, “Hey we can stop walking for a second. Are you ok?” He claims he’s ok and we kept walking to “our bench”. The same bench we sat on our first date as we watched the ferries and the sunset. We passed a man that was doing live sketches, a young couple sitting at the bottom of the levee, a grandmother with her grandkids running around, and young lady jogging alone. I made mental images of everything I saw and flashbacks of our first date.

We finally made it and sat down. I laid on his chest, his arm wrapped around my shoulder as we watched people walk by, listened to the water splash against the levee, and a nearby jazz band jam out. I was so calm, but his heart was beating me upside the head. LOL. He asked me did I love him repeatedly. I answered of course and told him how wonderful he was to me. He asked me again with his voice trembling and I replied again an affirmative YES, I really do. I told him I thanked Jehovah for him everyday. He began to tell me the most beautiful and GENUINE heartfelt words and then, “Heather I love you so much, I can’t promise you the world, but I CAN promise you love and a good spiritual life. Is that enough for you?” By this time tears are flowing down my face as he pulls out a little white box, gets down on one knee, and asks, “Heather, will you marry me?” I sob “YES!” and jump into his arms as we both cried tears of joy. He did it exactly how I’d hoped, private, not a big to do, and with memories and moments only we would remember and share. No camera or video could even capture what we felt in that moment. We were so hype after that! I get the privilege of marrying my best friend that loves Jehovah, keeps our spirituality to the forefront, my happiness before his, and loves ALL of me. And I do mean ALL. The good, bad, & the ugly. I couldn’t have asked for a better mate because God sent him into my life when I needed, not when I wanted. I must say is love is a beautiful thing and His timing is better than ours could EVER be. I’m getting MARRIED!