Heather and Curtis

How We Met: Two years ago, Curtis and I met online, and after a few weeks of emailing back and forth we decided it was time to meet! We headed to the local dog park with his dog Darla, and after leaving the car, I grabbed his hand…he never let go! Later that night he cooked me dinner, and while I was standing in the kitchen watching him cook, he came over and gave me my very last first kiss!

I knew he was the one, when he met my 4-year old son Zachary for the first time and treated him as his own.

how they asked: Curtis’s best friend Maaike is a professional photographer, and it’s not odd for me to help her set up a shoot. She asked me to help her blow up balloons for an engagement shoot, so I didn’t think twice, and actually got off work early to head to Waterloo Park to help!


Curtis was supposed to be working, so when he came up behind me, I was in shock and questioned why he wasn’t at work! He immediately got down on one knee (almost before Maaike had a chance to get her camera turned on!), and asked if Zachary and I would marry him! I was in such shock that it took a few minutes to say “yes!”! We followed up the proposal with an engagement shoot…after all, I spent a lot of hard work blowing up all of the balloons!


Photos by  Maaike @ Brilliant Images