Heather and Cory

Image 1 of Heather and Cory

How We Met

Cory and I met in 2011, I was working at a bar and he was a regular. We had mutual friends and we instantly clicked. At that time, we would casually hang out, go on a date here and there. But nothing seemed to take off. Through the next few years, we always remained friends, while dating other people. Finally, in 2014, the timing was perfect. We were inseparable.

how they asked

Cory became my best friend and my true love. We love to travel! While we were in Nassau, Bahamas he took our relationship to the next step! He asked me to marry him! We spent a beautiful day at Atlantis and celebrated with a night to remember with our good friends. His birthday cruise turned into a celebration of our love, and it will forever be a trip to remember.

Image 2 of Heather and Cory