Heather and Corry

Image 1 of Heather and Corry

How We Met

We were Sophomores in High School and happened to be in the same Math class together (Algebra 2). He sat in the front of the classroom while I sat towards the back with a few of my girl friends. I had pointed him out to one of my friends and she’s like “oh Corry he goes to church with me” then proceeded to call him over. I got super nervous and shy and just hid my face in my backpack (15 year old logic). Ultimately, she convinced him to attend this Halloween party at her church and she brought me along with her. Neither one of us were really that interest in church and only went because our parents made us (I happen to be the same religion as him but my family went to a different church across town). But we both went and the three of us hung out together the whole night. For the next month we texted all the time and spent our lunches together. About a month later he pulled me aside after class and asked if I’d be his girlfriend. 10 1/2 years later (no breaks at all – very proud of that lol) we have two dogs, a house, and are planning the rest of our lives together.

how they asked

Just to preface, snowboarding is something we both share a passion for and Corry actually taught me how to snowboard when we were 17.


We had planned a trip up to Lake Tahoe to go snowboarding since we hadn’t been in about a year due to Corry’s job; and the snow in Southern California can’t compare. I had always told Corry I didn’t want to know a proposal was coming, I didn’t want to go shopping for a ring, I wanted to be COMPLETELY surprised. When Corry booked the trip he mentioned we were staying in a separate hotel for one night because it was cheaper and I totally didn’t think anything of it and just went on my merry way. After a 7 hour drive we had arrive at our first hotel unpacked and enjoyed the night in South Lake Tahoe. The next day we went over to the gondola and went up to the base of the California side of Heavenly Ski Resort. It ended up being a super windy day and they had to close down the Nevada side of the mountain (where some of the best views were). The whole time on the lifts Corry kept mentioning “we need to get a picture together” which is super strange for him to be saying because he is usually the last one to want to take a picture but I thought maybe he just was trying to pre-anticipate what I was going to ask for. I spent majority of the day complaining because I was cold and it was windy and we just tried to make the best of it and finished off the day. The next day came around and we checked out of our first hotel and packed the car to move it after our day of snowboarding. This day ended up being a much better day, the sun was out and it was comfortable out, the snow was freshly groomed it was beautiful. We went up the ski lift to the California/Nevada boarded and we saw a ski patrol person taking pictures of people. Corry pointed them out and was like “hey we should just go take the pictures over there where they are” (we had taken a picture here a few years back actually so we knew it had an amazing view). When we got off the lift we scooted over to the line of people (that consisted of one group in-front of us). When we were next up Corry suggested we take off our boards and our gear for a better picture. So we piled everything up and gave one of our phones to the ski patrol person and stood in position for pictures. A couple pictures in Corry mentioned to me that I should take my helmet, so I (slightly grumpily) walked over and piled my helmet on-top of the rest of our gear and went back for more pictures. Right as the ski patrol person was about to hand Corry’s phone back Corry told him “wait one more picture and make sure it is really good” and walked back over for another picture. In this moment I started to realize what was happening and when I went to reach out for Corry for another picture I looked over and he was down on one knee proposing. Obviously I said yes and we went back out to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day, with the ring in Corry’s zipper pocket for safe keeping. And as far as the hotel goes, turns out he booked a beautiful suit for that night at a hotel right in the center of Heavenly Village.