Heather and Christopher

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our apartment

How We Met

Chris and I first met on a Wednesday night before Memorial Day weekend back in 2014. My friend Nicole and her fiancé Tom had asked me to come out to this bar hotshots for karaoke night. I am what you would call a homebody and I really didn’t want to go out on this Wednesday but I did. I had just gotten out of a 4-year relationship when Chris and I first met so I wasn’t really looking to meet anyone that night. Fast forward a month later and I was going down the shore for a tiki tea and that same couple Nicole and Tom were also going to be down the shore and guess who they were with …. Chris. That day Chris and I laughed, drank walked the boardwalk and played I’msome games he even won me a toy. After our beach day, he was brave enough to ask for my number and we texted all day every day for weeks where we found out we had so many mutual friends it was pretty unbelievable that we had never met before. Chris took me out on dates from July-September when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest was history.

How They Asked

Chris and I have this holiday tradition where we get hot chocolate and drive around and look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood. Chris knows it’s my absolute favorite date that we go on, and I wait all year for it. We also have a tradition where we eat pizza every Friday. So on Friday, December 13th Chris and I went out to our favorite pizzeria Deninos for dinner. After dinner, we went to Starbucks for our hot chocolate and proceeded to drive around looking at Christmas lights.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our apartment

What I did not know was while we were driving around looking at lights his mom and my mom were at our apartment setting it up for the most magical proposal I could ever dream of. After we were done looking at lights we came home, Chris unlocked the door to the apartment and asked me to go in first (this was odd) I also noticed our dog didn’t greet us at the door( also odd) but when I walked in the door the apartment was set up with tea light candles and rose petals everywhere by the time I turned around to look at Chris he was already down on his knee with the ring in his hand 💍