Heather and Chandler


how they asked

We had decided to have couples pictures taken for fall at a venue we heard great things about in our hometown.  As we were posed for our first picture the photographer gave each of us a s’more and instructed us to feed it to one another on the count of three.

I was anticipating the countdown when before I know it my s’more is right in front of me with my ring in the marshmallow! I couldn’t stop crying and shaking! I was beyond surprised and of course I said “YES!!” (along with a lot of OMGs!)


Now we are planning on getting married at the same place exactly a year from when he proposed.


After we somehow finished our pictures my fiancé told me he had dinner planned for us but I had to keep my eyes closed.  Once we arrived he brought me around to the back patio of the restaurant and had both of our families waiting to surprise me!


It was the best ending!!

Special Thanks

Kim Ingram | 
Oh Snap Shotz