Heather and Brent: Movie Theater Proposal

How We Met: Brent and I met at school in Tallahassee; we both are finishing up our degrees at Florida State University!

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The movie theater proposal: First of all, Brent completely and totally surprised me. I knew our plan was to get engaged eventually, but during any conversations that we had about the subject, Brent did a really good job of convincing me that it wasn’t the right timing yet. I confess thinking, “What the heck IS going to be the right time then,” but I tried my best to be patient.

After the spring semester ended, we both flew to Alaska to spend 3 weeks with his family. One day about halfway through our stay, his mom informed me that she was taking me out for lunch and shopping, so just the two of us could spend some time together. I had no idea it was a distraction to give Brent time to set up for his big plan! I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch, and the time we spent wandering through the mall. I never once noticed his mom watching the clock or checking her phone, which she apparently had been doing to make sure she “delivered” me on time. When we did leave the mall, she asked if I minded stopping by a Starbucks on the way back home to pick up a treat for Brent’s younger brother. Of course I didn’t say no. I did notice the Starbucks was pretty far out of the way, but it was Alaska after all; maybe Starbucks is hard to come by!

Arriving at the Starbucks, I saw it was attached to a movie theater. Brent’s mom was worried I might offer to wait in the car, so she mentioned that the movie theater was really interesting and I should come take a look. I still didn’t suspect that anything was up at this point! As soon as we got inside, I saw Brent there. THAT was when I got a bit confused. He explained that he had arranged a private showing for me and led me in to the theater. I was just beginning to rack my brain for what movie we could possibly be watching, when I saw he had transformed the movie theater with candles, flowers, and white icicle lights. It clicked — I knew he was proposing. He had written and recorded a song as well as made a video to go with it to ask me; it was so well done and so sweet. I cried like a baby all through the video, and didn’t stop when he got down on one knee and recited the speech he had memorized, that was perfectly timed the instrumental ending of the song he wrote. He washed my feet in the symbolic way Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, and finally asked the question I’d been waiting to hear.

In case you were wondering, I said yes! It was especially neat to have his whole family there to be a part of it as well. Now, we’re getting married in May of 2013, back in Florida where we both live! If you’d like to watch the video and hear his song, you’re in luck; here’s it is…

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