Heather and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon & I knew of each other through mutual friends at The University of Iowa where we went to college. We happened to run into each other at a bar in downtown Iowa City where we got to chat for the first time and exchanged numbers. That following weekend we ran into each other again at the Iowa Football game vs. Wisconsin on October, 18 2008 and took the above picture! He snuck me into the student section of the game, so I invited him to our tailgate after the game. I didn’t think he would come, but sure enough he showed up right after the game with a few of his friends. We had such a blast that we didn’t want the fun to end so decided to all hang out at his apartment once it got dark! From that day forward we texted constantly, and hung out almost every single day. We couldn’t get enough…so we decided to make it “Facebook Official” on February 18, 2009.

We graduated with each other in 2010, now, Brandon is working at Rush University Medical Center as an Administrative Fellow, and I am working as a Neuro ICU Nurse at Advocate Christ Medical Center. We live in Streeterville downtown Chicago with our cat, Roy, and dog, Doc.

I always told Brandon he would never be able to surprise me, but I got the biggest surprise of my life on July, 11th 2015. He had just started his job at Rush University Medical Center that week and told me that there was a ‘Meet & Greet’ event that we had to go to. I couldn’t wait to meet the people he worked with and to network myself as a newly graduated nurse. He told me that the event was on the beautiful River Walk and that we could just walk there from our apartment. As we were strolling down the river walk, a girl came up and asked if she could take pictures of us next to the lake because she was a photography student from out of town. I was so oblivious and of course said yes (I mean, I was all dressed up so why not!) She had us turn around and point at the buildings for a photo and as we were pointing, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and it was Brandon’s family from out of town (al the way from Iowa!) each holding a peony (my favorite flower). His family, and my family each handed me a flower and I started to cry as I realized what was going on. Brandon then got down on one knee and popped the big question. After he asked, rose petals came falling down around us and I looked up and realized they were falling from a stairway leading up above is and saw ALL of our friends and more family lined up along a stairwell smiling down and cheering. On top of that, a Chicago your boat happened to pass at the perfect time (not planned) and stopped to cheer us on and take pictures. Each person there came down and handed me a flower until both of my arms were FULL.It also turns out the “photography student”was really a professional photographer and caught it ALL on camera, everything was beyond perfect.

how they asked

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Special Thanks

Melissa Lambert
 | Photography