Heather and Andrew

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How We Met

I was working at Dutch Bros. Coffee, a drive-thru coffee chain, when I met the love of my life <<he was my customer crush>>. It took a few weeks of him coming through the drive-thru before he started walking in. I remember the feeling I got when Andrew walked through the front door for the first time. The girls I worked with all knew how big of a crush I had on this fella. They saw how giddy and nervous and anxious I got every time I would see him pull in. There were constant whispers shared between us behind the counter while Andrew was waiting for his drink. “Heather, give him your number,” “Ask him if he’s single,” “See what he’s doing this weekend…” I never got the courage to ask. FINALLY, one Friday morning, Andrew walked through the front door. I was rather confused because he had said he had Fridays off, so what was he doing there so early on his day off?? He ordered his drink, and as I handed it to him he slapped down a card with his name and number on it asking me to go see Tim McGraw. Uhhh, DUH!! However, my reaction was not very assuring. I was completely shocked and at a loss of words and I think I even blacked out for a second. When I came back to reality a couple minutes later, Andrew was already out the door and gone! At least I had his number on a card! It was so hard for me to not go back to my phone and immediately send him a text with my RSVP to Tim McGraw…but I had to keep him waiting until I was off. Eventually I got in touch with him and shouted a huge YES to him asking me out. We both agreed that my initial reaction seemed like I was uninterested and we shared some laughs about it. I went out of town to visit my family that weekend but could not stay off my phone. Andrew and I talked/texted/snapchatted all day every day that I was gone. It was right then and there we realized we had something special we couldn’t ignore.

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how they asked

Andrew and I planned a trip to Las Vegas to go watch the Supercross Finals Championship race. He has always been into motocross and had been dying to watch the finals in real life. We both love going to Vegas so it was a perfect excuse to get away. We got there on a Thursday and were there until Sunday. The only plan that we had was filled by motocross on Saturday, so our agenda was wide open! Or so I thought. One of my favorite DJs, Kygo, was hosting a pool party on that Friday while we were there. I had been begging Andrew for weeks, once I found out, that I wanted to go. He kept avoiding the topic saying “we’ll figure it out when we get there.”

Thursday night as we were hittin’ the hay, he surprised me by telling me we needed to be up at a certain time because he got us tickets to the pool party to watch Kygo. I was SO excited!! We got to the pool party when the doors opened at 11 AM. Now, anyone who knows how famous people are, know that they aren’t going to set up and perform right off the get go. Usually they wait till the very end to make their appearance. Andrew bursts my bubble telling me that we had to leave from the show early because he had other plans set for us. I was so bummed, but trying to be optimistic that I would get to see Kygo perform at least a few of his hits. 2:45 came quick, and it was time for us to go. At that point, still no Kygo. I literally threw a tantrum and acted like a baby.

All day, I had been trying to guess what we were doing. For some reason, Andrew had me convinced we were going skydiving. I was absolutely MORTIFIED. Sick to my stomach thinking I was about to go jump out of a plane. That is something you have to mentally prepare for, for a couple days! I wasn’t prepared. Still unsure with what was exactly happening, we left the pool party and rushed back to our room to get ready really quick. The cab came and picked us up. Andrew wrote the address on a piece of paper and handed it to the cab driver so I wouldn’t guess anymore as to where we were going.

As we got closer to our destination, we kept nearing the airport. So, my assumption of skydiving seemed to be confirmed. My nerves got me so sick to my stomach again. We ended up pulling into Maverick Helicopters. Finally, he admitted that we were NOT going skydiving (thank god) and that we were going on a helicopter ride. I still, kinda nervous, got really excited! What a good surprise! Andrew’s cousin is a pilot for the company and got to take us on our tour. The tour was a Grand Canyon trip into the sunset. The flight was 45 mins-hour out to where we land for a quick picnic. It was so cool being the helicopter, despite how motion sickness I got. We finally landed in the Grand Canyon and his cousin set up a picnic. There were 4 other people on the helicopter with us. We all sat around taking pictures of each other in the Grand Canyon. Andrew asked his cousin to take a picture of us with the best viewpoint. So we walked away from everyone to the “perfect spot.”

I thought nothing of what was about to come next. Andrew is always trying to take and have the best photos, so our jaunt over to the “perfect spot” didn’t phase me. As we are posing for our picture in the Grand Canyon, Andrew drops to his knee and pops the question! I was in utter shock. I think my first response was “What the f*** are you doing?!” I started laughing. Then as he started confessing his love to me, my eyes filled up with tears. I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time! I don’t remember what Andrew said, and to be honest, he doesn’t remember what he said either! But I answered with a yes and he slipped the ring! His cousin was in on this the whole time, as they had planned it about 4 months prior.

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It was my first time on a helicopter, my first time in the Grand Canyon, and by far the most unbeatable experience. I can’t wait to marry my customer crush, my best friend, and the man of my dreams!

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