Heather and Andrew

how we met

We met so long ago! In 2008 I (Heather) had just gotten out of a month in the hospital from my first MS brain lesion. After I was doing a bit better, some friends took me to a coffee shop and Andrew was sitting on the patio talking with some people I knew. I thought he was so cute and we hung out for a few days a started dating shortly. Sadly, we were young and not ready yet, so we broke up several months later, but remained best friends. After we both independently got out of some long term relationships we started hanging out more and more, and started officially started dating again in January 2018 on the 9 year anniversary of the day we broke up the first time.

how they asked

I actually picked out my ring online, and had an idea that the proposal was coming. Even on the day we went out, I suspected Andrew would propose, but wasn’t 100% sure. We took my convertible out to the north Georgia mountains, but I had no idea exactly where we were going. Suddenly we were in Summerville and pulled around a corner and I saw we were going to Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens. Andrew knows I love outsider art, but didn’t know I had been a fan of Rev. Finster’s since I was in high school. We toured the gardens on April 30th, it was hot but beautiful. He proposed in the mirror house near the end of the tour and it was the most beautiful moment.

Special Thanks