Heather and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met in a 30+ singles group, that is here in Temecula. The group hosts weekly get togethers, but neither of us had actually gone to one. We had been semi-active in the Facebook group, but never ventured out to the meet ups. Neither one of us had actually met each other or really interacted much with each other online in the group before that infamous night at Shamrock during karaoke. I was super hesitant to go, because even though I’m an extravert… the idea of going to an event where I didn’t really know anyone in “real life” made me wicked nervous. I had mentioned being nervous in the group and Andrew went out of his way to be kind and tell me he was new too. We chatted briefly over messenger about the night and even the fact that both of us had changed a few times before we actually left. Long story short, we were inseparable that night! The newbies stuck together and even those in the group had taken notice. Andrew and I went on a few dates after that night and the rest is history. We’ve been dating since!

How They Asked

It’s still a whirlwind for sure. Drew was a little stressed out in the morning but I thought it was just because we had so many people coming in for my 40th Birthday Brunch (20 in total!). He left early in the morning to take care of “errands”, which unbeknownst to me really meant he was getting a haircut, picking up my ring, and making last-minute phone calls. I was was actually pretty chill about the morning. Let’s face it, I was excited for mimosas and brunch with our friends, so I wasn’t really phased by his stress level. All was going totally normal, we ate an amazing brunch at Temecula Inn, Cork Fire Restaurant. We were all up taking some pictures since the group was all together and waiting for the cake to be brought out… but Drew was acting all weird like he was in a hurry. I even told him to relax a little that we weren’t in a hurry. We needed to do cake still, then we could all leave for the Peltzer Winery.

As I was trying to cut the cake he took the knife from me and said “I got it babes sit down”. He’s lucky I was 2 mimosas in because I didn’t argue. As he took the knife and I sat down, he kneeled in front of me and grabbed my hand. I was so confused. I thought he was giving me back the knife because he didn’t know how to do it. I just kept saying “it’s ok I can cut it babe”.

He finally said “no love I’m trying to ask you something important”. I finally shut up about the cake long enough for him to ask me if I’d marry him. Our video still has me cracking up, I wasn’t the only one who was shocked. Our best friend Shane was yelling with excitement almost the entire time.

Our Video