Heather and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met when we auditioned for the Music Dance Theater program at BYU in 2013, and later, after we started dating, he told me he had remembered the girl with the bangs, remembered what I sang, what I looked like, and he told me he would think back on me while on a two year mission for our church. Several years later, I was a senior in the program at BYU, and Andrew had attended one year at OCU before serving his mission in Washington, and finding himself back on the BYU campus. It was a week before school had started, and I was asked by the MDT program to help out with on campus tours for prospective students.

I was being my obnoxious self, conducting those tours, and I noticed a very cute boy who seemed to be interested in the program. “Whatever,” I said to myself. “He’s probably an 18 year old kid anyway, nothings gonna happen there.” I quickly moved on, until the day the semester began and I came to find out this young man was also in a dance class with me. “He’s still a kid, and you’re about to graduate in a year, Heather. So he’s got a great face, move on girlfriend.”

Well it turns out he wasn’t a kid, and not only that, but incredibly deep and thoughtful, funny and charming, and just about the sweetest and most hardworking man ever. So half semester of flirting later, (shameless flirting ALL on his end, mind you) he finally asked me to hang out with him over Thanksgiving Break. I knew from the first moment I met him that if we ever hung out outside of school, bad things would happen. Feelings would creep up. Not good. He was too cute. Couldn’t risk it. But on a whim, I agreed to hang out, and then began to plan out the entire night so we would have at least 8 friends around and never end up alone.

Well as the fates would have it, EVERY one of the friends I invited to hang out with us that night ended up ditching out, and Andrew and I alone went to dinner, then a movie. He kissed me that night, and I remember thinking at one point while sitting in his car that I wanted to say I love you. Don’t worry. The “you’re-insane-you-can’t-love-this-kid-you-barely-know-him-” crazy bells went off and obviously I didn’t say it, but weeks later when Andrew and I talked about that night, he told me that at that very same moment, he wanted to say I love you too. We began dating right away, and still to this day, Andrew gives me those nervous butterflies I had on our first date. I felt that I knew Andrew almost immediately. Not in the tangible, more sensible sort of way society tells us, I didn’t know anything about his family, his friends, his favorite cereal, the color of his toothbrush, but for some odd reason, I’ve always felt like his soul was familiar to me. Like I had known him before somehow. And at the same time, I always felt like Andrew knew and understood me, with a depth and passion I had never previously known.

Our relationship has been rather fast, but I have never for a moment had doubts. Marriage is really difficult sometimes and life gets hard, but I made a decision not long after our first date that of all of the trials I was going to face, I wanted to do it with him. I love my Andrew with my whole soul, and every day with him in my life is a gift. I cannot wait to be Mrs. Jefferies!

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how they asked

I tend to be a very obnoxious, Leslie-Knope-esque person who is ridiculously straightforward and upfront about her feelings, so when I felt like I wanted to marry Andrew, he definitely knew it! (hehe, luckily he likes that about me and felt the same way!) We had both casually looked at rings and talked about our future together, and I knew we were wanting the same things. While we started discussing dates for the wedding, my best friend in the whole world, Julia (who was living in New York), got a contract performing on a cruise-line for the next year, which would mean missing the wedding. So she made it very clear that if she couldn’t be there that day, she was definitely going to be a part of planning the proposal at least! I knew they were texting and calling each other, but besides that, I really didn’t know anything!

So fast forward to the day of the proposal, I’m having lunch with a friend of mine, when all of a sudden she pulls her phone out, starts recording, blindfolds me, leads me along down some stairs, and obviously by that point I had some vague idea that something was happening. But when the blindfold came off and I saw that Julia was there and had FLOWN down from New York, I knew what was happening, hence the immediate crying! From that moment on, I’m not going to lie, it all kind of blurred together, so many of my incredibly close friends were popping out of doors and behind walls, and then I came into a room of SO many friends and family! (His family flew up from Texas and mine came out too!) I was laughing and crying, and then the sea parted and I saw the love of my life come toward me.

That is a moment burned in my brain for the rest of time. This proposal meant so much to me, we both are musical theater performers so obviously many of our friends are too, so to have something that included music and dance, and also all of these important people who have helped shape and build my life…there are not words adequate enough to express my gratitude and love. Andrew is the best thing that has ever happened to me, he means more than the world to me, and to echo what he says, when I’m with him, I feel whole. Love, (The Future) Heather Jefferies P.S. that’s the first time I’ve ever typed that and it was REALLY exciting for me!!!

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