Heather and Alex

how we met

I (Heather) worked as an apartment leasing agent in Lexington Ky and Alex visited my property in search of a new apartment. Alex was very shy (but very cute) and he was touring with his extremely charismatic ladies man of a roommate. After touring the apartment, unknown to me, Alex leaned over to his soon to be roommate and said ” That’s the kind of girl you marry”. Within a couple of months Alex leased an apartment at my complex and move in. We were both in relationships at the time, of which both ended as most do. It took Alex just over a year to ask me out on our first date; but it was the best first date of my life ( and thankfully my last). Alex picked me up in his old pick up truck, opened the door for me, and we headed to dinner. Dinner was followed by a symphony and drinks at a local bar I used to bar-tend for. Before the night ended, we went for a ride on his motorcycle, after which he walked me to my door (like a perfect gentleman).

how they asked

Alex had help with the proposal. My mom and my cousin were in town visiting for a “girls weekend”. Mom had been dying to go to Hamilton Pool which is this beautiful little oasis nestled just outside of Austin, Tx. Hamilton Pool is also one of our favorite places to visit. In the summer months you can swim in the crystal clear waters under a waterfall, as well as several hiking trails. When we got to the base of the pool, Alex took off his shoes and put his feet in the water. Within a few minutes he called me over to “hold his hand” while he placed his shoes back on while trying to keep one foot dry. This was all a ploy and signal to my cousin to get the camera rolling. Alex took a knee and pulled out the ring. (From here I cried like a baby and I think I may have said Yes before kissing him :) ).

Special Thanks

Ben & Molly
 | Photography
Nikk Nguyen Photo
 | Photography