Heath and Sunny

how they asked: While considering how to propose to the love of my life, I had many things to take into consideration; Where to go, who would be around, the time of year. The only thing I knew for sure was that it couldn’t be anything short of perfect, and had to be as beautiful as something out of a fairy tale. I also needed to have our proposal caught on camera, this was to be one of the most important and memorable days of our lives and wanted to capture every moment of it. I didn’t want the cliché proposal at a restaurant with the ring in the champagne flute, I wanted to be outside with a beautiful setting and beautiful weather.

After very careful consideration I knew where to go, I knew the place I would ask the woman of my dreams to be mine forever. Grounds for sculpture is a beautiful outdoor park, with lots of beautiful places to take photos that day. I also knew they had cherry blossoms in the park which would make for some very memorable photos (which we ended up using for our save the dates). We also had never been to the park together and would be a perfect trip for us to take on a nice April afternoon.

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In preparation of the big day I took a trip to the park to look around and plan out the day. I had walked around looking at all of the beautiful sculptures they have on display at the park, until I came across “The 9 muses”…I knew this was the place, it was the place I was going to propose. One of the last exhibits in the park and also one of the largest, you stand in the middle of a large square with the 9 statues around you. You really need to stop here for a few minutes in order to appreciate the exhibit to its fullest it was the perfect place to end our garden walk and start our engagement photo shoot!

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When the day came I was nervous, the whole drive to the park feeling the pressure of the ring box in my jean pocket. I knew it was almost time and was thinking in my head of the right words to say, saying them to myself over and over again in my mind. I couldn’t act nervous though, I didn’t want to make her suspicious or she would know something was up. We started out the day at one of the best brunch restaurants in New Jersey “Rats” which is located right at grounds for sculpture. After an amazing meal we started our walk around the park, it was a perfect day with perfect weather not a cloud in the sky. We spent an hour or so looking at the various exhibits and making sure to take a path around the park that would leave “The 9 Muses” for our last stop.

When we actually got to the exhibit I remember seeing out of the corner of my eye a woman in a baseball hat (Vanessa Joy) and I heard the shutter of her camera. It seemed like everything at that point was moving in slow motion, every step we took seemed to move 1/100 of normal pace, every snap of the camera shutter sounded like it was going in slow motion. When we got to the center of the exhibit we stopped to look around, I turned around to look at Sunny and gave her a kiss. Then I reached into my pocket and pulled out the brown leather box which had been like a brick in my pocket all day.

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When she saw the box I could see the surprise in her face, I proceeded to say “Sunny Shekhter, will you marry me?!?”. I got down on one knee and was crouched for a good 10 seconds when finally she says to me “aren’t you going to ask me to marry you?” I stood up and laughed, took the ring out of the box and placed it on her finger. I guess the term “take your breath away” under the right set of circumstances also applies to your hearing, this being one of them.

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Photography by Vanessa Joy Photography