He Slid the Ring on Her Finger While She Was Sleeping for this Adorable Proposal!

Image 1 of Kayla and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met through mutual friends on a night out in Toronto. We instantly clicked as we were both real estate agents and loved singing/dancing to Drake! For 2 years we were best friends and talked on the phone often. I was newly single and didn’t want to get into a relationship but I knew there was something special about him so I kept him close as a friend.

Image 2 of Kayla and Michael

Fast forward to 2013 – we decided to give a shot and went on our first date. It was obviously the best date ever even though we simply went to the movies. We laughed non-stop and shared our first kiss as boyfriend & girlfriend.

Image 3 of Kayla and Michael

Image 4 of Kayla and Michael

how they asked

It was a random Wednesday night, Michael and I were watching TV and cuddling on the couch. He made me a tea and told me to drink up. I found that odd as usually I’m the one making us tea! It was getting late so I head up to bed while he stayed downstairs and watched TV. I fell asleep right away! Michael had put melatonin in my tea to make me extra sleepy so he could get everything set up! Haha!

He was busy at work setting up the roses petals downstairs saying “Marry Me?”. At 1:00am he came up to bed while I was still completely asleep, and slipped the ring on my finger. It wasn’t until 5:30am that I woke from my slumber and felt something on my finger. I never wear jewellery to bed so I was very confused. I could hear him giggling, I jumped up and turned the light on. To my surprise, my gorgeous dream ring was on my finger and he said “So, will you?!”. I was in complete shock but of course said yes. As I went downstairs a few minutes later I saw the gorgeous display he made with the roses.

Image 5 of Kayla and Michael

The hardest part was not trying to wake up our entire families at 5:30am!!!

What a day :-)

Image 6 of Kayla and Michael