In Honor of Beyoncé's Birthday: He "Put a Ring On It" Photos

In honor of Queen Bey’s birthday, we’re bringing you some of our favorite he “put a ring on it” photos. Throwing their hands up Beyoncé-style, these ladies are showing off some big rings – but even bigger smiles.

put a ring on it beyonce engagement ring

And if you’re looking for tips on how to put a ring on it, we’ve got you covered.

Lacy and Josh

Single Ladies Beyonce

Daniel and Sarah

Beautiful Beach Proposal Idea (1)

Zach and Megan

Single Ladies Beyonce proposals 3

Photo by Kelly Kate Photography

Janelle and Dan

Single Ladies Beyonce proposals 2

Amos and Mace




Dave and Jeanie Beth


 Photo by Anna K Photography

Lindsey and Wesley

Single Ladies Beyonce proposals

Erika and Greg

Single Ladies Beyonce proposals 4

McCall and Brandon

Single Ladies Beyonce proposals 5

Jackson and Vanessa

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Photo by R. Switzer Photography

If all that bling wasn’t enough, here’s a little Beyoncé tune to brighten your day. Happy birthday Bey! We know you don’t need a man, but we are glad Jay-Z put a ring on it.

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