In Honor of Beyoncé's Birthday: He "Put a Ring On It" Photos

In honor of Queen Bey’s birthday, we’re bringing you some of our favorite he “put a ring on it” photos. Throwing their hands up Beyoncé-style, these ladies are showing off some big rings – but even bigger smiles.

And if you’re looking for tips on how to put a ring on it, we’ve got you covered.

Lacy and Josh

Daniel and Sarah

Zach and Megan

Photo by Kelly Kate Photography

Janelle and Dan

Amos and Mace


Dave and Jeanie Beth

Photo by Anna K Photography

Lindsey and Wesley

Erika and Greg

McCall and Brandon

Jackson and Vanessa

Photo by R. Switzer Photography

If all that bling wasn’t enough, here’s a little Beyoncé tune to brighten your day. Happy birthday Bey! We know you don’t need a man, but we are glad Jay-Z put a ring on it.

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