He Set Up a Proposal and Wedding Ceremony for the Same Day

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How We Met

I met Scott at Riverdale Church in Andover, MN during our high school years. He started coming because his cousins went there and I was invited by a friend. I went on a missions trip to Ireland with his cousins, and afterwards I was introduced by these new friends to this very good looking young man. I, of course, played hard to get, but Scott is a smooth talker; he persevered and got his lady!

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how they asked

We dated 4.5 years. Majority of it was long distance. I left for college in Iowa and after he graduated high school he joined the army and moved to California. After I graduated from college, that Summer Scott planned to be home in Minnesota for a week in July. We made a plan to have a special date on July 7th together.

So, on July 7th, 2013, I got my hair done and met up with him at a lake near his dad’s house, where we had spent much time during our relationship. He had made all the plans for this date so I knew nothing more than where to meet him.

I found him along the lakeside next to a canoe. He asked if I still wanted to take a ride with him since it looked like a storm was about to hit but I said of course let’s do it! So we got in and paddled across the lake to a little wooded island.


There is where we had had our first date and that is what he recreated. He set up a table and chairs, a picnic dinner and torches. Well the storm did hit and cut our dinner short!

We grabbed a few things and before we left he grabbed my hand and said, “Kait, wait!”. There he knelt on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes!

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So through this heavy thunderstorm we walked back to his dad’s house, through a path in the woods. As we approached a park just near his dad’s street he stopped me and said he had one more surprise and to close my eyes. I followed his direction and he guided me further. I heard loved ones voices and just thought it was a surprise engagement.

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He told me to open my eyes. I did and there I saw two, handmade, wooden altars , chairs and an aisle set up in meadow. I looked at him in shock and he said, “I have one more question for you: will you marry me today?”. I believe I said what twice and then proceeded to say yes.

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The rest was an incredible, joyful blur. He had set up a surprise wedding with immediate family and two close friends, a wedding dress, candles, a cake and Janelle as our photographer. We were soaked from head to toe, I went barefoot, there was a moment when I had to pee in the woods in my wedding dress for there were no close bathrooms, and there were puddles everywhere; every detail planned, and not planned, made it the absolute best surprise of my life. The ceremony was quick but beautiful under a light, misty rain.

A brilliant sunset broke out just at the end of our ceremony.

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Wedding days are important but also stressful (or so I have heard) and when I think about the day my husband created it always relaxes me. There was a thunderstorm before and during our outdoor wedding and to be able to just roll with it and enjoy the day led me to believe that we would not only be able to roll with it but to enjoy our other future, important life events as well. That day was a cherished day! And I have a great man to thank for that day and many other wonderful ones since then.

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