Hazel and Wai

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How We Met: We have known each other for over 5 years.It never came across each of our minds that we would date and least of all get married to each other.She was my first customer when I was promoting and selling my flour less chocolate cake.That soon leads to a few dates and story cut short we were living together and eventually contemplated to settle down.

Hazel brought up the subject occasionally and I always ended the question with another question.For a woman,she was getting tired of the unknown.She have no idea that it was my strategy while I sourced for her favorite ring:a Hello Kitty signature ring.

I searched high and low for the ring and came upon many which are either too childish or looks cheap.That was until a friend informed me about a limited edition Hello Kitty ring which was on sale.I have to keep it low profile to avoid suspicion and secretly measured her ring size.I have to double confirm many times because the ring can only be found in Hong Kong with only a one week exchange policy.

So I bought it and cleverly hid it without any trace of suspicion.I decided to propose somewhere where we can relinquish in the future.

I planned a 5 days trip to Cameron Highlands,a place up in the hills looking over the tea plantations.However it was raining heavily almost everyday when we were there.Now I have a dilemma to keep it quiet from her and facing the the rain.

Thankfully on that fateful day,luck was with me and we hiked up the hill to the spot we both named it ”The Rock”.She had no idea initially why we have to stand there under the rain.I was nervous at the same time serching for the ring in my bag while holding on the umbrella.At that moment I knew this is the right moment and ta-da.She was moved to tears and didn’t expect it.It finally hits her why I have been denying her questions and why we must hike on that day because there won’t be any other options.

Funnily enough,after my proposal,groups of people started to appear to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.We called them our ”paparazzis”.It was a very surreal feeling as we walked back to base with warm feelings under the cold weather.

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