Hazel and Vince

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How We Met

We met on Tinder in November 2015 and I didn’t believe in online dating until I met him :) I broke up with my ex in October and wasn’t at my best so one of my friends suggested I try Tinder to meet some new guys and get back to living my life. I flew to Vancouver one day for work so I decided to give Tinder a shot and that’s when I found a good looking guy and we started to chat. He is so different from other guys that I’ve met because he is so positive, talkative, charming and funny. I had troubles sleeping at night since my recent break up was still on my mind but he always seemed to say the right things when I needed it the most. As we got closer and closer, he finally asked me out and I couldn’t have asked for a better first date. Talking about it now, it seems like such a distant dream.

how they asked

We’ve been in a 1 year long distance relationship where I live in Hong Kong and he lives in Vancouver. We planned to celebrate Christmas on the 22nd since I could only stay in Vancouver for a couple days before heading back to Hong Kong for Christmas. He later told me that he had started preparing for the proposal a month in advance and had already gotten his best friends on board to help decorate the hotel room while we were at an early Christmas dinner. After we checked in, we went straight up to the room and when he opened the door, I was met with extravagant decorations and all his lovely friends welcoming us. I was so surprised that I felt momentarily paralyzed until he asked me to step into the candle lit heart with rose petals on the ground.

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He took my hand and as I followed him I thought to myself, “I should’ve spent more time on my makeup and picked out a sexier outfit!”. He took out the ring and told me that he really, really, really likes me and wants to be with me forever.

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Finally he got down on one knee and asked “would you marry me?” but I was still in shock so it didn’t really hit me till he nudged me and said “you still have to say YES babe” and of course I followed with a gleeful “YES!” He gave me a bear hug, I got the bling, and all his friends congratulated us by cheering and lighting up sparklers which ended up setting off the smoke detectors, EEK! But all is well cause I’m the happiest girl alive :)

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