Hazel and Stephen's Race Proposal

how they asked: In retrospect.. I should’ve seen this coming. Nevertheless, the weekend started with me wondering why in the world my parents were coming down from New Jersey after just seeing them a few weekends ago.. but I figured, eh, whatever.

My dad is always asking me when we are going to run our next race together.. so it only seemed appropriate that we sign up for the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters RunWalk for the Kids 8k. All geared up in our superhero shirts we started the run. It was a nice course.. but it was so hot and humid, and the sun was brutal. In the middle of the race Stephen said, “Man, this shirt does not breath at all”.. so I suggested he take his shirt off, no big deal… He refused and said he was fine. Weird.

After heaving through the next 1.5 miles, we round the Spirit of Norfolk and the finish line is in sight. Usually, I like to push the last quarter mile, so I start to speed up. Then, I hear Stephen say, “Hey Hazel, look at that sign!” I look over to my right at the crowd and there is a random older lady holding up a sign that said “Hi Hazel”.. a few feet down, I see another sign that says, “Stephen has a ?”… at that point I’ve come to a stop and am freaking out. I turn toward the finish line and all our friends and family are there holding a sign that says, “Will you marry me?”

Now I see why Stephen left his shirt on!

Even though I’m make-up free, shirtless, hot, sweaty, and out of breath… this is the most beautiful moment of my life

The photos below were sent to us via social media by bystanders that witnessed our proposal.