Hazel and Nathan

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How we met: Nathan and I met when I was a sophomore at Texas A&M University. There is a popular burrito chain in town called Freebirds and they hired me right away as I was part time job seeking. Apparently, they hired other people and Nathan was one of them. We literally worked two shifts together. We got each other’s numbers because I kept giving away my shifts to be able to go to Aggie Football on Saturdays (whoop!)! He was only in Freebirds for a couple of months until he shipped out for the Navy in November of 2010. We lost contact up until he graduated from boot camp in January of 2011. We didn’t write each other letters, but I knew he was interested in me even before he left. When he graduated and got his phone back, he told me I was the first person he texted after his mom! As they say, from then on, the rest is history. We had our first date in Chicago near his base; I visited him during Spring Break. It was the best date ever and I could honestly say that I knew he was the one back then. When he got a little break from the Navy, we became official on April 17th, 2011 after he asked me if we could be serious – which in guy talk means “will you be my girlfriend?” yet I didn’t know!

how they asked: Every year on our anniversary, we take couples’ photos as a way to look back into how our relationship had been. For our fourth anniversary, we decided to take photos on Easter Weekend at a park in Richardson, Texas called Prairie Creek. Our photographer, Brittany Black, who has been doing our portraits since we started our annual tradition, is always on time. I was surprised when we arrived 15 minutes early on the location where we were supposed to meet, yet she was nowhere in sight. Being the worrier that I am, I started to panic a little. Nathan and I walked to a pathway with a gorgeous ivy wall in our background. He then said, “So I have something to tell you, I planned all of this. I’m so nervous I haven’t been able to think of what to say [and I am not the cheesy type]. So, will you marry me?” I was so shocked and did not expect it at all! My first reaction was “Oh no!” but it immediately changed to “I mean YES!”

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All the while, our amazing photographer was hidden in the bushes covered with leaves snapping photos away! It was such a perfect day, a perfect weekend, and a perfect proposal with my perfect man. I could not have imagined a better day – the sun shining, the ivy wall, the captured moments, everything was a dream. I’m still in shock! I get to marry the man of my dreams!

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Photos by Brittany Black Photography