Hazel and Jerricho

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How We Met

The story of how Jerricho and I met began Fall of 2013 through a mutual girlfriend of mines from college who was visiting from California. We planned a night out in town for dinner to catch up but before dinner, she asked if it was OK to bring a guy friend (Jerricho). Of course, I said yes. I felt some type of way because I wanted it to be a “girls night,” but after meeting him he turned out to be very down to earth. He was there mostly to take our pictures and hardly had even a few exchange of words. Our first actual one on one conversation didn’t turn out so great. At mid dinner, Jerricho and I went out for a cigarette break and in the middle of conversation he asked for my number. WelI, I said no. It didn’t feel right after just meeting and being that I had just gotten out of a very long relationship, you can imagine I wasn’t ready for anything new. We went back into the restaurant and I continued chatting with my girls as if nothing happened.

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Who knew one rejection wouldn’t stop this guy from trying again. It wasn’t until a few days after when I was surprised he added me on Instagram. With a few exchange of comments, we exchanged phone numbers and started texting. He ask me out to D&B’s which I said yes and the rest was history. Fast forward almost a year later, we became pretty much inseparable. But then he received orders to be stationed in another state. Soon after, he deployed to another country for another a year. A lot of times we could only communicate via text or email, days or even sometimes weeks at a time. We continued 2 more years of long distance, traveling back and forth visiting each as much as much we could. It was rough, but with time, patience, and communication we always found our way right back to each other.

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how they asked

He was visiting me in Oahu for two weeks. Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to be present the day of my birthday which is why he planned a pre-dinner celebration. He is a real gentleman, very romantic who never fails to surprise me which is one of the qualities I love about him. At the time, he didn’t want to tell me which restaurant we were going to celebrate so I just went along with it. He has a cousin (Jona) who lives in Oahu who’s birthday is also in July and asked if it was ok that her and her bf (Storm) joined us. Of course I said it was OK and thought nothing of it. The day of my birthday dinner, he left to help Storm out with work stuff.

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Well you see, they are both in the army and when it comes to work I try to ask the least amount of questions as possible because its too complicated to understand. His work is like a whole different language for me. I figured they had something urgent to do as he left in a rush. Things came up unexpectedly; I believed Jerricho when he told me he was helping Storm surprise Jona with something BIG. Jona picked me up instead and brought us to what I thought was “our” birthday dinner and HER surprise proposal. We ended up at Double Tree Hotel in Waikiki which was the hotel where he asked me to be his girlfriend. My first thought was that he was so thoughtful in choosing the place to celebrate.

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I followed Jona and thought we were going to a restaurant in the hotel. To my surprise, we ended up at a penthouse suite. She told me she had to drop off clothes to Storm at the room that they were booked to stay in for the night. I started to get nervous because as I entered the room looking around for Jerricho, he was nowhere to be found. Jona’s face as I remembered looked like she was up to something. I continued scanning the room for him hoping he’d come in any time. Both Jona and Storm told me to sit down because there was something for me to watch. I literally thought Jerricho was going to pop out of nowhere at any moment. Then I saw roses on the table with a video set up to be played. It was a video of him pretty much talking about us, how we met, how he is with my family and being ready to get married start a family of our own. At this point my heart is racing of whats to come. At the end of the video, his cousin Jona takes my hand and walks me toward the curtains which I had no idea was a large balcony right outside. My closest family and friends were all there and in the middle of it all was a red carpet that led me to the most handsome guy.

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It took me awhile to walk towards him but when I eventually did, he got down on one knee and well, you know the rest… ….Everything was perfect and though it happened so fast, I wouldn’t have imagined it any other way. It was truly perfect for me and I’m so excited to be marrying my rock, my best friend, and the love of my life.

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