Haylie and Nile

How We Met

One day I received a Facebook friend request with a message following moments later. I knew of Nile, as he was a few years older than me and did a lot of high school extracurricular activities with my brother. I received instant butterflies as I thought he was SUPER cute. We messaged for awhile until he pulled a ‘I gotta go, I’ll text you’, which I was confused because I knew he didn’t have my number. Such a smooth way to get my number! Now we have been together for over 7.5 years!

Come to find out, his Mom was the one who mentioned my name to him! You know what they say, Moms do know best :)

How They Asked

About a month before I proposed to Haylie I went out with some of my friends. We had a great night, but I got into a little situation at the end. Haylie was the first person I went to for help, and true to her character, she was there with no questions asked. It was then that I knew that her love was unconditional. I also knew that she would be the one I run to and I wanted to be the person that she came to in her time of need, just like she was for me.

So, one morning I woke up and I asked myself a few questions. “Who else would be there for you like she is?” “Who is the person I miss the most and who is the person my heart leaps at when I see?” “Who makes me the best person I can be every day?” I found the answer to all of those questions was only one person, and that was Haylie. I knew that I wanted to be with her forever and I had a good feeling that she felt the same way. So that morning, I decided it was time and I asked her to be wife. I was super pumped and surprised that she said yes. Just kidding, I wasn’t worried.