Hayley and Timothy

How We Met

After one very long, late night at work, I (Hayley) got into an Uber to head home to bed, but forgot to change the destination address, so was instead taken to the local bar up the street from my apartment, the last place I had previously Uber’d. I felt bas about asking the driver to take me the extra three blocks to my house (I could see my apartment from where we were parked), so instead I got out and decided to pop into the bar to say hello to some friends before going home. It was then, that my friend rushed excitedly out of the bar to say hello (in a bit of an intoxicated state), and proceeded to fall backwards, directly into the arms of Tim. “Is this yours?,” Tim asked me. “No, but can your hold him for a sec while I get him a ride home?,” I responded. Knowing that it would be difficult for me to try and maneuver the friend home on my own, Tim offered to help him get home while I waited at the bar. He returned a short while later, after making sure his new intoxicated friend was safe, and I offered to buy him a drink as a thank you. We spent the whole night talking, but Tim did not ask for my number at the end of the evening! It was not until the next day at work that I received a message on Instagram, as Tim had remembered my handle while they were talking, and we met up at the same bar the next evening, leaving the rest to history.

How They Asked

I had known which day Tim was proposing for some time due to some loose-lipped friends and maybe not the most secretive planning on Tim’s part. However, being one that hates surprises this was the best case scenario to avoid me becoming a giant ball of stress surrounding it. Nonetheless, Tim’s plan did not pan out, as I happen to get up early on the morning of the big day (excitement = no sleep!) and walked out into our living room just as Tim was standing in the kitchen attempting to remove the “Made in China” sticker from the bottom of the ring box. Us both being still in our sleep-wear, Tim had little place to hide the ring but to shove it down the back of his pants and realize he had no out at that point, and walked into the living room thinking, “well I guess think is how its going to go.” He got down on one knee behind me while I was distracted, and proposed first thing in the morning. Of course I said yes and was so relieved knowing I could then relax the rest of the day! He proceeded to take me for a couple massage and dinner, and ended the night celebrating at the same bar we met at with all of our closest friends.


Special Thanks

Alison Mae Photography
 | Photography
Discovery Park
 | Engagement Shoot Location