Hayley and Stewart

Proposal Ideas Aster Cafe in Minneapolis, MN

How We Met

Like many modern-day love stories, ours began with a dating app (thanks, Hinge!). I had just sworn off relationships and decided I was only going to go on dates for fun and to meet new people – not because I wanted anything serious. After double-tapping on Stewart’s profile, he messaged me a day later. We texted for a few days and I figured he’d make a great first “fun date,” so I asked him if he’d be up for grabbing a drink that next evening. He agreed and we made plans to meet at a hip speakeasy bar in Minneapolis the following day.

I ended up parking a few blocks away and stalled a few extra minutes so that I didn’t arrive too early for our date. When I finally got out of my car and rounded the corner, he was waiting outside in the rain for me. I was immediately taken aback by how much more handsome he was in person and my nerves shot through the roof. We sat and talked for over two hours and I had to pull myself away at the end of the night. We didn’t even last 24 hours before meeting up for our second date. The rest was history. :)

How They Asked

One of our dates that first week was at a restaurant in Minneapolis called Aster Cafe. Located along the river with views of the Minneapolis skyline, the cafe is dreamy in every sense of the word. A musician was performing the night we were there, and we subsequently fell in love with his music and one of his songs became “our” song. We listened to it nearly every day over the course of our relationship, always reminiscing on that first date and saying it was the night we both knew we were in love.

Fast forward to March of 2020: we had plans to see a $5 movie on our weekly Tuesday night date night. We got ready and headed out the door, only to arrive at the theater and have Stewart realize he had the wrong movie time. The movie wasn’t slated to start for another hour, so he suggested we head a few doors down and grab a drink at Aster Café – the same restaurant where we fell in love many months before. We walked to the cafe and as the doors opened, I immediately gasped and started crying. The floor was lined with candles and at the front of the room stood that very musician performing “our” song. We walked along with the candles and slow danced for a few minutes before the song ended and Stewart proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife. We then danced to another one of “our” songs and popped some champagne to celebrate. As the second song ended, we cheered with the musician who then pointed to the front door – I turned around saw both of our families walking into the room. While my family is local, Stewart’s parents and sister live 4+ hours away and his older sister lives all the way in D.C.! We hugged and cried and celebrated together.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Aster Cafe in Minneapolis, MN

I’m certainly stereotypical in that I’ve grown up dreaming about this moment but even after 27 years of wondering what it could be like, I would have never been able to imagine something as perfect and magical as this was. I will forever believe I’m the luckiest person alive!

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