Hayley and Steven

Image 2 of Hayley and Steven

How We Met

We met very unexpectedly (well to me lol) I had just moved to Chicago from Texas. I was asked to stage-manage a show in Chicago and one of the cast members invited me to her birthday so I could meet new people.

Little did I know, she also invited her brother in law along, and almost immediately he had caught my eye. So I made sure to flirt all night so he knew I was definitely interested in getting to know him.

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How They Asked

Steven and I had planned a trip to Paris in April but alas, COVID got in the way and we ended up canceling our trip.

Image 4 of Hayley and Steven

Steven had planned to propose there. Instead, he went with Plan B and bought a vintage viewfinder with pictures of us. I looked at the first three and handed it back to him. But he insisted I continue to look at them. The very last picture was a skyline of Paris and “will you marry me” written at the bottom. When I took the viewfinder off I saw him on one knee!

Image 3 of Hayley and Steven