Hayley and Rob's Football Rival Proposal

How We Met: Rob was a  new teacher/football coach at the school where my Mom, an Instructional Facilitator, trained new teachers! I attended college 4 hours away, but I came home most weekends and would volunteer at my Mom’s school. Rob would always try to talk to me and get my attention, but I wasn’t interested because I thought he was cocky. I couldn’t stand him at first!!!  This lasted for 4 1/2 months. After the faculty Christmas party, he asked me on a ‘NOT A DATE’ to help him pick out a gift for a coworker and since I had no plans for that evening I decided I would go. I quickly realized that he was nothing like I had thought.  He is the best person I know.  His heart is pure and good.  That is such a rare find today, and I am so glad he didn’t give up on me. He makes me laugh, makes me a better person, calms me, and loves me unconditionally! He just gets me and I can’t even explain it!  We’ve been ‘NOT DATING’ for over 2 1/2 years now!

how they asked: Rob went back to his hometown to teach and coach football last year. On September 12, 2014, he brought his hometown team back to Hamburg to play against the team he had coached the year before. After every game, I go out onto the field to show my support for Rob and his team.  I didn’t notice anything particularly unusual because it is always loud and a bit chaotic on the field after a game.  As the team finished singing the alma mater, we seemed to be walking further up the field than normal and I felt like people were looking at me.  As the crowd cleared I saw huge run-through sings in the north endzone!  He had the cheerleaders make huge signs that said, “No matter the town or the team, I want want you on my team for life!” I turned around to look at Rob and he was on one knee!

Rob proposed to me on my hometown football field right after his hometown team BEAT my hometown team! I was in SHOCK! It was PERFECT! We are getting married on August 14, 2015!

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Engagement Photography by  Savannah Kate Photography