Hayley and Riley

How We Met

Riley and I met 9 years ago in high school. We were both relatively shy Freshman in English class. Riley’s older sister was on varsity softball when I was a Freshman on junior varsity so Riley would come to all her games. When varsity was playing the JV players would stay behind and watch the game. After realizing the guy in my English class was in the stands every game I made a point to talk to him the next day in class. After one game, in particular, I got his number from a friend cause I thought I saw him in the stands. Come to find out it was not him (still think it was really him) but once we started texting the rest was history.

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Hayley's Proposal in Dallas-Vitruvian Park

We dated through high school and then went our separate ways-him to Abilene Christian to play D1 football and me to Baylor. We drove those long 3 and a half hours back and forth through 4 years of college. With him playing football we would go weeks without seeing each other but made it work. Once we both graduated Riley transferred to the University of North Texas to continue his football career and get his MBA. I moved to Dallas for work and the long distance wasn’t so long anymore.

Hayley and Riley's Engagement in Dallas-Vitruvian Park

Through everything we have been through there is no one I would rather grow old with. He is truly my best friend and I can’t wait for the life we will build.

How They Asked

Earlier this day I had mentioned we should go drive around and look at Christmas lights. Riley knows Christmas is my favorite and so he ran with this idea. He texted all of our friends and had one of our good friends take pictures. Everything fell into place so he texted me saying we were meeting our other friends to look at lights altogether. Once we got there we kept walking around and waiting for his friends to come. I started wondering what was going on when we would stop in one spot for like 5 minutes and then move to another one. All the while our friend taking the pictures and him were trying to meet up. Once he found the perfect spot he got down on one knee and proposed. I was completely surprised and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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