Hayley and Mike

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How We Met

Mike and I met in college at The University of Arizona, I was in undergraduate school and mike was in graduate school. I had a boyfriend all of college so we did not date. I ran into him after graduating and I was single. He asked me for my number and I gave it to him. He kept asking me out on a date, I kept saying no and playing hard to get. We went on our first date and we had a great time and then I made him chase me a few months longer before we officially started dating. Once we started dating I knew right away that he “was the one”. We have the same drive for life, we’re both raised with great families, we get along so well, and we always have fun.

how they asked

Mike and I were planning a trip to New York. I had hoped he would propose in New York since it’s my favorite city. When we were at dinner on Friday night before our show he told me he knew I was ready to get engaged and married but he needed more time. I was crushed, we were living together, our families just did thanksgiving together the weekend before. Saturday night we went to dinner with his family at a steak house in the city they knew he was going to propose the next day. They were asking me when we would get married he was sitting right next to me ” I said oh he told me last night he’s not ready and I have to wait”. His family was all laughing inside because they knew he was going to propose the next day. We enjoyed our dinner with his family and went back to or hotel.

Sunday December 4th we woke up he told me we were going to get New York bagels and coffee and walk around Central Park and then go to brunch by Central Park. I got ready and we went and got our bagels and coffee and started walking around Central Park. As we were walking around the park we were talking about how much fun we had been having on our trip, we enjoyed looking at the scenery in the park. Mike took me up to an area behind literary walk, there was old vines and benches everywhere. He said to me ” what does this remind you of?” I said Napa! ” he said what happened in Napa”? I said that’s when you first told me you loved me. He then grabbed both of my hands got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!

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After kissing me and putting my amazing ring on my left hand.

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He told me that his grandparents got engaged in New York, his parents, his sister, and his brother and he wanted us to be engaged in New York. All of the sudden the photographer pops out around the corner I had no idea he had been taking pictures of us the whole time! He then did an engagement shoot where we got amazing photos of our special day and we are so happy to have those pictures to show our families and have forever.

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Special Thanks

Frank Farina
 | Photographer