Hayley and Kyle Thomas

How We Met

Kyle and I technically met on a youth retreat over ten years ago when we were teenagers. We never spoke but we knew about each other. That was a small moment.

Many years later, Kyle showed up to Easter service at my church on Long Island. He caught my eye immediately and I knew he would be the one I married. He had been stationed at the Naval base in Groton, CT and on a whim decided to celebrate Easter on Long Island. After the service, I pretty much chased him down the sidewalk to talk to him and reconnect.

Go on a few dates. Too nervous to confess our feelings openly so we drift apart in communication. Right person but the wrong time. A year later the time is right and Kyle shows up to serve at a local mission trip where I am also serving and leading some young adults. We give us another shot and have an amazing 10 months or so enjoying our time together.

Where to Propose in Fort Stamford Park, CT

How They Asked

We had picked out a ring setting together but the timeline of when I thought he actually bought the ring and when his sister-in-law wanted to take our pictures (she said just for fun) did not line up. We decided to meet at this tiny memorial park in Stamford. They convinced me to get dressed up and I convinced myself this was not the proposal day. I was wrong and fooled but in the best way.

Hayley's Proposal in Fort Stamford Park, CT

As soon as his sister-in-law said to turn around I knew that was it. We will be getting married on November 15, 2019, on Long Island and we, are excited to see what life has in store! Kyle is a man to be admired and I could not be more thrilled to be by his side for the rest of our lives.

Thanks to Bridget (my amazing sister-in-law to be) for capturing the moment!

Special Thanks

Bridget Nelson
 | Photographer