Hayley and Gabe

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How We Met

Gabe and I have known each other since the fourth grade! He moved to my school in the beginning of that year. It wasn’t until our junior year that our relationship began. During our junior homecoming Gabe came up to me at the dance and asked me to slow dance with him. He was so much taller than me! And he still is, I’m 5’1 and Gabe is 6’5! We ended up dancing the whole night together! Our relationship and friendship grew as we exchanged funny texts and awkward in person conversations (we were both very shy!). I would go to every single one of his home soccer games too! On October 17th, 2013 I made a sign for him during his regional soccer game! It said, “Keep calm and date a soccer goalie…18?!”. Luckily they won their game and at the end he came rushing over to me and asked me to be his girlfriend.

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Now he claims he never read the sign when he was on the field and that’s why he asked me to be his girlfriend after the game, but we agree to disagree on that! ;) We both graduated from high school June 2015 and started college in the fall. We went to separate colleges. He went to school in Minnesota while I stayed in Wisconsin and because neither of us had a car it was very hard to see each other. Gabe’s fall schedule was also very busy because he played on the soccer team at his university. But we kept our bond strong with lots of texts and Facetime dates! In the summer after our freshman year of college we began to seriously discuss marriage and in December 2016 our sophomore year of college, Gabe took me to go look at rings! As our sophomore year came to a close I kept hinting and hinting about a proposal and he teased me about not being able to wait!

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how they asked

Gabe knows that I am very sneaky and very hard to surprise! But he surprised me with his proposal so well! In early June Gabe asked me to take off July 3rd and August 13th. I hadn’t thought it was odd that he asked me to take off work July 3rd because for the last three years we have gone to the fireworks together that night before the 4th of July.

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He also added that he wanted to plan a very special date for August 13th. He said it would be very special and I would really enjoy it. Naturally I thought I had it all figured out! But I was so surprised when he walked me over to where his family was! He had told me his family had come to the fireworks and they had made a really cool set up for the fireworks. But as soon as I walked around the corner I saw the most romantic set up! There were tiki torches, candles, and all of our friends and family holding sparklers! I knew in that moment he was about to propose!

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And as he did people all around us were lighting off fireworks (which wasn’t planned it was just PERFECT timing!). As he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him I couldn’t control my tears of joy! I was so happy! An ironically Gabe proposed to me in the same place that my great grandmother and great grandfather met! All of our pictures and videos were taken by us (with lots of planning by Gabe and his family!)

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